Top 10 Psychic-Type Shinies

This one’s been a mind-bender, not to mention I’ve been hitting writing blocks of late. But in no particular order, here are my top 10 shinies of the Psychic-type!



I really like both Latios and Latias in their shiny forms, but Latias just wins it out for me because of its colour. I love gold and yellow as shinies, so this is an automatic win for me.



I love shiny Metagross, and the Mega is a bit good too. I really like the silver and yellow contrasting together, it all comes together really well (get it? Because…Metagross is a combination of Beldum…).



I really like both shinies of this line, but I like the way Grumpig looks in comparison to its normal form – that’s what kinda pipped its pre-evolution to this list. I love the yellow and grey together. Good pig!



Mew is adorable in blue, I gotta say! It’s a lovely colour, and a nice contrast to the usual pink. It makes me wish that shiny Mythicals were in Pokemon Go, or much easier to obtain in the main games (event giveaways aside).



I love the contrast of both the light yellow and white on both forms of Meowstic, hence why they’re both on this list together. It kinda reminds me of custard, and that’s always a good thing.



Shiny Alakazam is gorgeous with its pink detailing. I like that the yellow on the body remains unchanged, leading to my favourite colour combination of yellow and hot pink. Absolutely perfect.



Hypno is more of a nostalgic feeling for me, but it makes the shiny much better for me overall. I did shiny hunt for a Drowzee first on Let’s Go, purely because I wanted a shiny Hypno for the nostalgia factor.



This is the colour that shiny Slowpoke should have been. It’s a gorgeous purple colour that you can actually tell the difference between it and its regular form easily.



This. Is. Such. A. Great. Shiny. I can see why people do dislike it, because it is such a vivid green, but I personally love it, as it just feels like such a good colour for Espeon to have.



I always wish shiny Bruxish was its original colouring, it’s a lot easier on the eyes than its original. Easy. I always forget it’s part-Psychic though…

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