Jedward’s Galar Tour 2020 – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 10

This is the final part of the Shield Nuzlocke! I won’t be playing through the Isle of Armor expansion on this playthrough, but I will do on my Sword game.

This hurt too much.

Stalking Jedward

Back home, I decided to head to Hop’s house, where I remembered that I could get a new encounter token in the form of Charmander. I made a note to head to the Lake of Outrage at the earliest opportunity. I managed to get a Hatterene and name it Homura after one of the characters in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.

I met Hop in the Slumbering Weald, and his battle was easy. Afterwards came the complication of Sordward and Shielbert, who I keep joking remind me of Jedward (here’s a music video for reference, it’s not the worst song but…).

Shielbert was easy to deal with – then we had to go around each stadium with a Power Spot and deal with the Dynamaxed Pokemon there.

The first three were easy.  Taking on Sordward and Shielbert were also easy, even if I did the spread-move wanker move and Earthquake everything.

The Dusknoir was easy to take down, but sadly Corona was taken out by Froslass. I brought Homura into the party afterwards, and Haxorus was easy to take on.

I left that twat, Bede, for last, and I got to annihilate him with Pierre and Julian.

After all of the Power Spots were dealt with, I went back to Hammerlocke to take on Shielbert, who, again, was easy with the selection of Pokemon that I had.

I’d already had Pierre in upfront, but he sadly fell to Zacian, so I brought Julian in to finish the job. I had to bring Shebra the forgotten Palpitoad in to level up a little, but with the efforts of my party, Zamazenta was caught without incident.

It’s All Gone Horribly Wrong, Stuart

After catching Zamazenta, it was time to find Hop. I’m grateful for Sonia leading me there, otherwise, it’d have been annoying. I brought in an admittedly under-levelled Eloise, hoping she’d be good for Pincurchin at least. And I was ready to fight him.

Hop brought out Dubwool to start, as predicted, so Chester cleaned up nicely. I knew Snorlax would take more effort, so I brought in Julian who did the job.

Hop brought out Cinderace, who did not live Barbecue’s Water Spout.

Hop then brought in Pincurchin, and Eloise’s Dig left a sliver of health left on Pincurchin, who finished Eloise off with a couple of Zing Zaps.

In Eloise’s place, I brought in Arya to finish the job.

Onto Zacian, and I knew this would be a problem. I sent out Barbecue, but I forgot Zacian got Wild Charge. Barbecue fell, and then so too did Homura, to a Behemoth Blade. Chester was done in by Close Combat, Julian went to Wild Charge, and Arya’s suffering ended via Behemoth Blade.

I was severely wounded, and I had to take time to regroup.

Employing New Tactics

I brought in HotRocks, Blunderbar, TripleThreat (Dugtrio), Philip (Yamper), Frosch (Croagunk) and PainInThe (Basculin) for my team to grind up and eventually take on Hop.

Basculin was essential for my plan, as it was going to use Soak to change the type of Zacian to Water, and then Final Gambit to give a free turn to Philip while also dealing some great damage to the dog. However, even if PainInThe were to faint before Final Gambit, the change to Water-type would be enough. But that was banking on the possibility of outspeeding Zacian and hanging on, which wasn’t likely.

Through it all, Philip evolved into Boltund and Frosch evolved into Toxicroak. I’d almost lost Philip to a Crawdaunt that used Crabhammer in the rain – Philip lived on 6HP, which was bumhole-clenching, to say the least!

They Think It’s All Over…

I went back to the Slumbering Weald with a team that was between levels 69 and 71, I’d gotten bored of the grind.

Dubwool was taken out cleanly by Frosch.

Cinderace was finished off by PainInThe.

Pincurchin was no match for TripleThreat.

With Snorlax, I used Blunderbar as it could tank the Heavy Slams and Earthquakes that my team were weak to. I kept spamming Energy Ball until it died.

Corviknight was two-shot by Philip.

Back to Zacian. I led with TripleThreat in the hopes that I could tank a hit, Dig and rely on that extra turn. Nope. I brought in PainInThe to employ the Soak tactic. Nope. HotRocks could have Flame Charged if it was fast enough. Blunderbar had no hope. Same went for Philip and Frosch.

As that was the second team wipe-out, I’d decided to call it a day there. I still have plenty of Pokemon that could be used, but I didn’t want to do a third long period of grinding.

Final Results 

Deaths: 22


Vileplume – Blunderbar

Chandelure – Bing

Pangoro – Chester

Golurk – Pierre

Jellicent – Barbecue

Inteleon – James Pond

Mudsdale – Clonkers

Glaceon – Arya

Corviknight – Julian


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