Top 10 Psychic-Types

I know what you’re thinking – another top 10 list? Did I get that right? Of course, I did, I’m psychic, just like this list today!

So here are my choices for the top 10 Psychic-types!

10. Sigilyph


I love Sigilyph’s design, and it’s a great Pokemon to use set-up moves, as most of its level-up moves are status moves such as Tailwind and Light Screen. Unfortunately, it was wrongly placed in Pokemon Go, where it should have been a Peruvian regional exclusive. Its Ability Wonder Skin also ensures that a lot of status moves aimed at it will miss.

9. Espeon


I think Espeon’s just a beastly Eeveelution to have, and it served well during my Soul Link playthrough with Connor. I don’t see enough love for Espeon, which is why it’s here on this list! It’s a very solid Eeveelution to have on a team, not to mention a great Psychic-type.

8. Malamar


Malamar’s a great Pokemon to take advantage of its Contrary Ability. I think what I like most about Malamar is its evolution method from Inkay – just level it up to 30 and turn the 3DS or Switch system (handheld mode) upside down, which is a fun way to take advantage of the internal gyroscope.

7. Medicham


Medicham was always one that caught me off-guard in the first Emerald playthrough, because of its type combination. Pure Power is the only Ability you need on this Pokemon, allowing its decidedly average base Attack stat to be doubled to 120, making it a powerhouse – and even better with its Mega Evolution, raising that to 200.

6. Hypno


Hypno was my first main attachment that I formed in any Pokemon game. Because I couldn’t trade with anyone at the time, I couldn’t utilise Alakazam. However, Hypno worked out so well and slapping Metronome on it ensured that I was always in for a fun time (apart from when Self-Destruct happened one time). Drowzee was also my first shiny hunt in Let’s Go, referring to the fun I had previously with Hypno before.

5. Orbeetle


I hecking love this bulky boy. I have a fondness for ladybirds in the first place, and while I didn’t use one on my initial playthrough, I managed to have a 6IV Gigantamax Orbeetle with Telepathy (which truly is the only Ability you want on this thing). Speaking of Gigantamax, it looks so cool! I wasn’t expecting a UFO, but we got one!

4. Girafarig


I love the concept of Girafarig, and it has to be my favourite Johto Pokemon by far. I quite like the early design, where it had two full heads, but I think the tail end is menacing in its back sprites nonetheless. I’m also a sucker for palindromes, so this hits it on both heads for me.

3. Galarian Rapidash


I used Galarian Rapidash on my team for the long haul, and it was worth every minute. My workaround to get a good level-up Fairy move on it was to have a Special move and use a Pixie Plate to increase the damage output. However, I found Rapidash to be super-useful throughout my playthrough – not to mention it’s a great makeover for the line, of which I always preferred Ponyta over Rapidash before due to appearances and shiny form.

2. Gardevoir


Despite it being furry-bait, I always aim for a Gardevoir in my team when playing through a Hoenn game. Its level-up attacking moveset is entirely based on Special attacks, which utilises that beastly Special Attack stat greatly, further improved with Mega Gardevoir, which I like busting out when possible.

1. Alolan Raichu


While I don’t often have a use for Alolan Raichu, I love it nonetheless. I think it’s a breath of fresh air for Raichu, as it’s long been overshadowed by Pikachu. Giving Raichu an Alolan form helps make it popular again, in the best way possible (I mean, it surfs on its own tail). At least we now know what happened to surfing Pikachu!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Psychic-Types

  1. Tim

    I feel like I’m in the minority, but I’ve long held the opinion that Raichu is much better — and much better designed — than Pikachu. I like the original better than the Alolan one, but both are really good.

    Also, Sigilyph fans unite!


    1. thatlittlelola

      Raichu is better than Pikachu, no arguments from me there! I just prefer the design of the Alolan form, and I think it’s better that it happened because then at least Raichu gets some spotlight.


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