My Galar Gym Challenge

So recently I’ve been inspired by both my good friend Tim, as well as Truegreen7 into doing this post.

I wanted to go ahead and make an entire Gym Challenge that would be fitting for a Pokemon game! So I covered everything from my characterisation to the themes, location and the challenge itself!

The Basics – Character and Location

I decided primarily on the Galar region, as it is based off my home country, the United Kingdom. Plus a lot of my favourite Pokemon are in that region, which really helps.

Let’s say that this is the final Gym of the League, so the levels of the Pokemon would be from 45 – 48, on par with Raihan’s. I also have a full team of six to work with, and will run as single battles.

Instead of Hammerlocke, I’d like to see my Gym taking place somewhere that resonates with me. My favourite place in the UK is Nottingham, so I would probably have a Gym close to somewhere resembling the Old Market Square.

As for my character, Gym Leader Lola would wear bright colours, such as pink and yellow together, or bright orange, because, y’know, they’re loud colours! Plus I’ll be wearing chunky headphones on my head.

Gym Theme

Your first thoughts for me would probably be Electric and Poison, but we already have an established ‘Minor League’ in Galar, so we can assume that all 18 types are represented in some way, shape or form. So I decided not to go with a basic type-themed Gym.

The next thing that I gravitated towards was a sound-based team. There are a plethora of sound-based Pokemon that already exist, and it’d be fun to incorporate them into a team. In any case, it would mean extensive type coverage.

You may have also realised that during my Lumaria Files series, along with some of my Pokemon concepts posts, that I already have created a varied amount of Pokemon that are inspired by music and sounds, such as Fadoria and Cicadeon.

I also wanted to give each Pokemon at least one move that wasn’t Sound-based, just so that Throat Chop wouldn’t be entirely detrimental.

The Gym Challenge

The Gym Challenge works similarly to the Circhester Gym. You’re in a foggy area, and you have to navigate via the sounds. The louder the sound, the closer you are to a Gym Trainer. There will be three, and each will have a team of three Pokemon, ranging from Noibat to Exploud.

It’s a pretty simple challenge, but it helps you understand what is to come. And then you’ll meet me!

‘Hey! You made it! I knew you could do it, but do you have what it takes to defeat my team? It’s your final Gym battle, let’s make this one to remember!’

As we get ready for battle, my particular song of choice would be this fanmade variant of Klara’s theme by Raushna, which was made before the Isle of Armor expansion released. I love it, and I love that they did an extended version as well!

The Pokemon


Noivern will start off the proceedings by immediately setting up with Tailwind to help temporarily increase the speed of the team. If Noivern does get hit by a devastating Ice-type attack, its Focus Sash will come into play, and then I will just use U-turn to send in another Pokemon.

Ability: Infiltrator

Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Hyper Voice, Outrage, Tailwind, U-turn


Coming off the back of Noivern’s U-turn, Rillaboom is the perfect Pokemon to set up for the next few turns. Its Grassy Surge Ability coupled with its Terrain Extender means that there is longevity on the battlefield. I added Substitute onto Rillaboom for extra protection (which then the extra Grassy Terrain from the Extender comes in really handy), as well as Swords Dance to further boost its impressive Attack stat.

How is Rillaboom so good?

Ability: Grassy Surge

Item: Terrain Extender

Moves: Drum Beating, Knock Off, Substitute, Swords Dance


Having Primarina on this team is a no-brainer. I’d utilise its amazing Special Attack and movepool, and gave it Leftovers for a bit of added bulk. Ice Beam is there for extra coverage against Grass-types, while Hyper Voice will be affected by Liquid Voice. Plus I had to include Sparkling Aria.

Ability: Liquid Voice

Item: Leftovers

Moves: Sparkling Aria, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Ice Beam


Ludicolo is lovely, and I went with Own Tempo, as I wasn’t planning on setting up rain for this Pokemon. Again, Ice Beam is for coverage, Hyper Voice covers the sound-based requirement and Energy Ball and Surf are a counter for when Throat Chop or Soundproof comes around.

Ability: Own Tempo

Item: Wiki Berry

Moves: Surf, Energy Ball, Ice Beam and Hyper Voice


Obstagoon won’t last in a Fighting-type match-up, but at the very least, we can but try. Obstruct will help to negate that first attack, and Knock Off to get rid of the opponent’s held item. Hyper Voice and Shadow Claw will help to get some damage dealt!

Ability: Guts

Item: Figy Berry

Moves: Obstruct, Hyper Voice, Knock Off, Shadow Claw

Toxtricity – Gigantamax

The behemoth has arrived! My ace is, obviously, my favourite Pokemon, Toxtricity – and of course it has to be Amped Form. I will Gigantamax at the first opportunity, and my initial Max Strike will be unusually strong because I utilised its held Normal Gem. G-Max Stun Shock will be devastating as well, and will either paralyze or poison your Pokemon.

Ability: Punk Rock

Item: Normal Gem

Moves: Boomburst, Overdrive, Discharge, Hex

At the end of it all, I’ll congratulate you and give you the Sound Badge. I’d look forward to facing you again in the Champion Cup!

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