Best Animal Crossing Villagers by Species

We have a lot of Animal Crossing species to go over, and I’ll be doing this kind of post for the worst villagers too! But today, we’ll focus on the positives, and go for the best of the bunch!

Apparently I like simple design.

Alligator – Drago

I’m not huge on the alligators, but Drago gets an obvious pass because of his more draconic appearance. I mean, he’s clearly supposed to be a dragon. We approve.

Anteater – Antonio

I always see Antonio on my Mystery Tours, and I feel that he’s the best of the anteater villagers that we have. He’s pretty simple and cute, in my opinion. The anteater is another species that I’m not a fan of, except for Antonio, of course.

Bear – Megan

I don’t like a lot of the big bear villagers, and Megan kinda had to duke it out with Charlise. They both at least have a cute outward appearance, and it helps that Megan is the new kid on the block!

Bird – Twiggy

Twiggy was my first bird (and first peppy villager), and I feel like she embodies everything about both categories so well. She’s become one of my island staples, I dread when she asks me if she should leave the island.

Bull – Angus

I love everything about Angus – from his name to the flame tee, you can tell he’s based on the Aberdeen Angus breed of cow, as well as his catchphrase ‘macmoo’. His face also slightly resembles a t-bone steak! This is one villager I’d love to eat.

I mean, I’d love to have on my island. Yeah, that was it.

Cat – Lolly

Forget Raymond – Lolly is the cutest cat here! Ankha is a close second, but Lolly’s eyes and general soft appearance has me searching for her whenever I do my villager hunts.

Chicken – Becky

There’s not a lot of chickens that I particularly like, but Becky is glorious enough. Actually, for a lot of the villager species that I don’t particularly like, simplicity is key, but Becky just outshines the other chickens.

Cow – Tipper

She’s here purely for her name, and its reference to cow tipping. That’s literally it.

Cub – Stitches

Stitches is my ultimate dreamie, as he shares my birthday (February 10th) and he’s just generally adorable. Having him and Ozzie occupy the same island as lazy villagers would warm my cold, dead heart.

Deer – Fauna

Fauna is currently my favourite Laranjeira resident, as she’s got a generally simple appearance, but she’s so adorable, and when you add in her catchphrase ‘dearie’, it’s just…she’s never leaving!

Dog – Walker

I think Walker is just so endearing and adorable. It must be the smile and the blue eyes. There are a good amount of dog villagers, but Walker is the most endearing for me.

Duck – Molly

Molly is a cute little duck! Again, she’s really simple, but that works so well for Molly.

Eagle – Pierce

Pierce is one of my OG villagers when playing New Horizons (and subsequently my first Animal Crossing game) for the first time, so he’s the defining OG. For me, I don’t think there’ll be an eagle quite like him (although Apollo is cool and takes second place).

Elephant – Tia

I turned down Tia once (crazy, I know) on my hunt for Stitches. But I love Tia because she resembles a teapot, which is a perfect design for an elephant villager, taking advantage of the trunk as a spout.

Frog – Lily

Lily’s so cute! I love the colour scheme, and just how simple she is, compared to other frogs such as Diva and Jambette.

Goat – Sherb

Sherb is such a cute goat! I love the winter sweater! I did have the opportunity to invite him onto my island via the campsite, but…Sherb wanted to kick Ozzie off. And that wasn’t happening.

Gorilla – Hans

I don’t like any of the gorillas, barring Hans. I like that Hans is more based on a yeti than a gorilla, so he gets a pass.

Hamster – Hamlet

Hamsters aren’t usually a hot topic for me, but Hamlet’s pretty cute, I gotta say.

Hippo – Biff

Biff looks interesting, to say the least. And it’s a tough call between the hippos, but for me, Biff is more memorable for me.

Horse – Julian

Julian is a fricking unicorn and that is enough for me.

Kangaroo – Rooney

Roney looks really cool, and while he isn’t as simple as other kangaroo villagers, I think the outfit, the boxer-style paws and the mean look ties together really well.

Koala – Sydney

Sydney has to be one of my all-time favourite villager. I’m planning on cosplaying her at some point in the future. I have to mention Ozzie here too, as he’s Connor’s favourite villager.

Lion – Rex

Rex is a simple enough design that I like him a lot more than the other lions.

Monkey – Deli

The monkeys usually freak me out, but Deli’s pretty cute as far as the monkeys go. I think Deli is probably the only money villager that I do like.

Mouse – Dora

Dora is probably the only mouse villager I like appearance-wise, although Anicotti isn’t so bad I suppose. Again, Dora wins out due to the simplicity of her design.

Octopus – Marina

It was hard. But Marina won out due to her soft appearance. I like all of the octopi villagers anyway, but Marina’s just so cute that she wins out.

Ostrich – Flora

I love *flamingos*, and even though Flora is categorised as an ostrich, she really is a flamingo. And I think she’s so adorable, it’s just sad that I had to turn her down because I already had Twiggy and Audie.

Penguin – Roald

Roald. Is. Awesome. He definitely is the best penguin (although all of the penguins are great in their own way). Roald’s most defining quality is his huge eyes, which is intended to make you go ‘awwww’. I have him on my island, so I’m happy.

Pig – Maggie

Maggie’s one of the only cute pig villagers we have in the game, and I had her at one point, so I can put my confidence in that.

Rabbit – Bunnie

I love Bunnie’s colour scheme, the soft pale face with the orange. Yes please! For design alone I feel that she’d be one of my favourite peppy villagers alongside Twiggy.

Rhino – Hornsby

I don’t like many of the rhinos, but I do like Hornsby and how bright blue he is! He’s really cute, which helps him out a lot.

Sheep – Willow

Willow has my favourite colour combination down pat, and it helps that she’s got a cute face to match, too!

Squirrel – Marshal

Marshal is the cutest squirrel, even ahead of Mint. For me, it’s how something so cute can be a smug villager is what sets him apart from Mint. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s so popular.

Tiger – Bianca

There aren’t really any tigers that I do like, so here is Bianca, who is pretty cute.

Wolf – Chief

There isn’t a bad wolf villager, but Chief stands out for the long hunt for him. I found him in a campsite, was ready to move him in but he wanted to get rid of Pierce. I had to refuse, and later down the line he was on one of the Mystery Tours and I had to drag him back kicking and screaming. I do love it when he sings to my soft-serve lamp though.

2 thoughts on “Best Animal Crossing Villagers by Species

    1. thatlittlelola

      Kyle’s pretty cool, that’s for certain! Not my favourite, probably mid-tier for me, but I definitely don’t dislike him.


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