Top 10 Ground-Type Shinies

This week we’re looking at the great Ground-type shinies. And these are great shinies, too. Some don’t even require much explaining! And here they are, in no particular order!



It’s a black sandcastle, which is amazing. Black sand in real life is a beautiful oddity in itself, but it feels right seeing it on Palossand, especially with the pastel pink and blue accents and the yellow shovel on its head. Looking further into the origins of black sand, it all makes more sense (black sand is the result of volcanic activity as its composed of volcanic minerals and lava fragments).



I normally dislike the Water-type Hoenn shinies, but I give Swampert a pass because it’s the starter and therefore the OG. I love the colours, but I don’t love the amount of Pokemon with that shiny colour.

Mega Garchomp


A vast improvement on regular shiny Garchomp by far. That’s literally all I have to say about it.



At least this doesn’t look like a pile of poo, unlike shiny Graveler. Golem has a gorgeous bronze colour for its shiny form, which is so appealing. I do prefer it in its 3D model than the Home sprite, as it’s more textured and looks like proper rock and ground…bits. It just kinda looks too smooth in the Home sprite.



While I love shiny Sandslash, Sandshrew is where it’s at. I still haven’t evolved the Sandshrew I got from the Minccino Research Day because the green colour is perfect for it.



I just think shiny Mudbray is just so cute with its brown/orange colours to contrast with its blue mane. I have a huge fondness for this line in general, so there’s definitely some bias for this.

Groudon / Primal Groudon


I had to include both on the list, as both shiny forms are gorgeous. While I love Groudon’s yellow colouring normally, its Primal Reversion takes it a step further and turns it to black with its glowing lava segments. If only it wasn’t shiny-locked…



I feel that shiny Larvitar is the best of the entire evolution line (although Pupitar is great, too). This was the exact colouring that shiny Tyranitar should have been, in my opinion. It’s very vivid and cool like it’s supposed to be!



I love the yellow and black on shiny Sandile! It helps that it’s so hecking adorable in the first place! Look at that blue belly, too! Makes me wish that it was in the Galar region just so I could hunt for it.



Shiny Baltoy is superior to Claydol, that’s a fact. I love the change from red to teal blue, just like with Gigalith from last week’s post. The beige colour complements the teal really well, I find.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ground-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I feel like this list is weirdly close to mine, but not exactly it. For example, I love Sandslash’s shiny, but Sandshrew’s is fine. Pupitar is my favorite purple shiny and Larvitar is in its line. Garchomp is also a Ground Pokemon I’m aware of.

    That said, I do love Palossand’s shiny and I completely forgot about it when writing my best shinies post.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Sandygast is one of the picks to shiny hunt once I’m done with the HA Galar starters! I love both Sandshrew and Sandslash as shinies, but the former just wins for me because it’s a lovely shade of green that I adore.


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