It Really Is The Darkest Day – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 9

If you’ve put up with this playthrough for this long, I thank you!

Just this and the post-game to go, now!

Eternally Barking Mad

I had to go to the Slumbering Weald to seek some kind of help from Zacian and Zamazenta. Myself and Hop got the sword and shield respectively, and we left. Before that, I caught a Munna that ended up being called Tsukuyomi (Yes, I have been watching too much Naruto).

I also needed to grind for levelling up and also get my encounters for the Lake of Outrage and Axew’s Eye. Both were snowing. I got a Copperajah that I named Eloise (after one of the Animal Crossing villagers) and a Vanillish called Choc Ice. 

I also decided to take advantage of the Legendary tokens now, so I decided to go back to Motostoke Riverbank, and I ended up with a Yamper that I named Philip (it would have been Liz but it was male), and back to the Lake of Outrage, where I picked up a Glaceon named Arya (named after the best Game of Thrones character, don’t at me).

I made the executive decision to replace Pierre with Arya for the time being, before going into the battle with Rose.

As Rose used Steel-types, I was comfortable sending Bing out for the duration, especially against his Gigantamax Copperajah. I Dynamaxed Bing and the Max Flare got Copperajah down to 1HP before it retaliated with an unfortunate Max Quake that finished off Bing.

I had to bring in Pierre to prepare for Eternatus, which I knew was going to be a tough battle. Thankfully I did bring Eternatus down to half health before I had to switch into Chester. That way I could keep healing Chester while chipping away at Eternatus with the Rocky Helmet that kept getting triggered by its Cross Poison.

It was then time for the Eternamax battle, of which I was glad for the heal prior. Pierre was sent out, and with the help of Zacian and Zamazenta, we managed to crush it, and I caught Eternatus. It was then token-boxed.

Not Leon Around

It took 3 hours to grind everyone up to level. I had to ensure that my Pokemon were all in the 60’s – the highest was level 65 for Barbecue, as she would be facing the Charizard. I brought in Corona to level up and evolve, as I knew she would prove useful as a Haxorus attacker. She evolved into a beefy Weezing, and I beefed up some of my Pokemon with Vitamins before heading out to battle.

I knew his first Pokemon to be Aegislash, so I had Pierre lead to Earthquake the sword and shield to death.

He then brought in Dragapult, so Chester Crunched it a couple of times until it died.

The dreaded Haxorus came next, and I sent out Arya to do a decent chunk of damage. Haxorus got an Iron Tail off, and I switched into Corona, which was still risky, but she avoided the next Iron Tail and defeated Haxorus.

Rhyperior came next, and this was Barbecue’s job to finish off beautifully. Not much else could be said.

Rillaboom was easy enough to deal with – I sent Julain in for two Drill Pecks to bring it right down.

Charizard was the ultimate test, and I had Barbecue Dynamax (I forgot Charizard got Solar Beam, obviously becoming Max Overgrowth). Barbecue lived it and took down the Charizard easily.

Final Results

Deaths: 8

Hall of Fame:

Jellicent – Barbecue

Glaceon – Arya

Golurk – Pierre

Pangoro – Chester

Corviknight – Julian

Weezing – Corona

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