Top 10 Ground-Types

We’re moving on from rocks and heading to the ground. Ground-types have their huge benefits, and it’s not hard to appreciate their value.

So here are my personal picks for my preferred Ground-types.

10. Donphan


Admittedly, the one downside to Donphan is its lack of STAB moves in its arsenal, even including Egg moves. However, I doubt that STAB will be an issue, as it has plenty of other physical moves to take advantage of that godly Attack stat. I really like Donphan, especially when I was using it in Pokemon Go before Groudon became a thing.

9. Camerupt


I mentioned this in my Fire-type post, but Camerupt was a solid addition to my team, even with it being utterly slow, giving it a Quick Claw helped in necessary circumstances. Its Speed stat is why I decided to keep Camerupt from Mega Evolving, and it was worthwhile, as I had other great candidates for that role.

8. Garchomp


Garchomp is a very impressive and deadly pseudo-legendary, and that’s considering its minimal-but-effective STAB move pool, as well as its godly Attack (never mind when it Mega Evolves). Even with its 4x weakness to Ice, it can probably withstand an attack or two, regarding its great HP stat and admirable defences. Plus Garchomp is a huge fan favourite, and it looks awesome, too.

7. Krookodile


And here, we have the bandit crocodile. I love the whole line in general, from Sandile being adorable to Krookodile looking beastly (although it does look pretty cool wearing sunglasses in the anime). Ground-types in general so far seem to have a great Attack stat, and Krookodile is no exception.

6. Groudon


Honestly, if you tell me to pick between Groudon and Kyogre, then I always pick Groudon. Honestly, I just really like Groudon. And let’s not forget Primal Groudon, which basically only has a weakness to Ground (as its Desolate Land Ability nullifies its 4x weakness to Water). Obviously, if a Pokemon with Primordial Sea or Delta Stream came out, that’s different. But let’s just say that my Swampert one-hit KO’d this thing with a crit in my latest ORAS playthrough.

5. Gastrodon


I just love Gastrodon based on appearances alone. But it does have great HP to make up for its lack of Speed, although it could be useful in a Trick Room setup with that low speed. I also used the East Sea form because I prefer that one over the West Sea (although there is no difference whatsoever between the two).

4. Mudbray


I find Mudbray very valuable, as it’s served me well on two different game playthroughs – the first in Ultra Sun, and the other in my Shield Nuzlocke (may Clonkers rest in peace). It’s so good, and I always end up getting one with the Stamina Ability, meaning it has brilliant staying power.

3. Sandaconda


My Sandaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun! Sandaconda was my first ever Gigantamax catch, and I was so happy for it because it did so well for me in Raihan’s Gym, taking on Duraludon. I still use it now for the necessary Max Raids, and it’s been so useful. I don’t know where I would be without my Sandaconda.

2. Nidoking


Nidoking was a great Pokemon for me to use in my Let’s Go playthrough, and it’s so easy to acquire once you get your Nidorino and have a Moon Stone. It was so handy to have, and it hit hard enough to definitely keep the firm place on my team. I’d definitely use one again if it came to it, I wouldn’t rule that out.

1. Swampert


Swampert is the reason that I love to choose Mudkip in the Hoenn games (although if I ever got the version-exclusive Lotad, things would be different). It’s just annoying going up against a Sceptile, but that’s why you have other Pokemon in your arsenal, I suppose.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Ground-Types

  1. Tim

    Yeah Krookodile! It’s a sorely underrated Pokemon.

    That said, I notice you’re missing a certain Pokemon. One with a lovely face to look at.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Quagsire is an honourable mention if that helps. He has a lovely face. It’s just that I like ten other Ground-types more than I do Quagsire


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