How Much Do The Elite Four Represent Their Regions – Part 1

Hey guys! Last time we went over each Gym Leader and how well (or badly) they represented each region. My good friend Steve asked if I was planning on doing an Elite Four variant, and that was a no-brainer!

I decided to include the Galar Championship Cup, as that is the equivalent of an Elite Four (plus I did the Kahunas in place of Gym Leaders in Alola so…).

Again, I will focus on their debut games – so no remakes, third versions or sequels! Today we will focus on Kanto to Sinnoh Leagues.


Like with the last time we saw this region, Kanto will be based on how well the types are represented (as Kanto is just Kanto).


Bruno, why do you have two Onix on your team when Primeape and Poliwrath are also Fighting-types? Also Agatha can’t be helped considering there is only one Ghost-type evolution line in the game – same for Lance and his Dragon-type team, too. I think that’s an issue with the Pokemon in the region rather than the team set-up itself.


I can understand some of the Kanto Pokemon being represented, considering Kanto and Johto are joined together. We’ll see what happens.


Will could have had Slowking as opposed to Slowbro.

Also screw Bruno at this point. He sticks around around. He still could have had Heracross instead of Onix. At least he got rid of one of the Onix though.

Karen has Vileplume and Gengar. Gengar I could understand (more so on Koga’s team) but Vileplume?


Hoenn was absolutely fantastic. Here is the team shown in Ruby/Sapphire.


I love that every member of the Elite Four here uses Pokemon exclusively from the Hoenn region. They do get repetitive, but that’s because they’re using up the common Pokemon that represent the types.


Sinnoh got a little interesting. These are the teams represented in Diamon/Pearl.

DustoxQuagsireRapidashMr. Mime

While you have Mothim and Wormadam, there is no excuse to use the Hoenn versions – Dustox and Beautifly. Yanmega could have been there instead of Heracross!

I have to say though, that regarding the Elite Four types chosen, Fire and Psychic are not represented well in Sinnoh. For Fire (excluding Rotom) you only have Magmortar and the Chimchar line. For Psychic, it’s the Chingling line, Bronzor line, Mime Jr and Gallade. Still, Gallade could have been in place of Medicham as they share the same type combination. So Flint and Lucian do get the short straw in this regard.

4 thoughts on “How Much Do The Elite Four Represent Their Regions – Part 1

  1. Tim

    I think the excuse to using Dustox and Beautifly instead of Mothim and Wormadam is because no one likes the Burmy line.

    I feel like Hoenn and Kanto have the same problem/beauty to their Elite Four, though I like Kanto’s a little better because of my love for Gen I compared to my dislike for Gen III. That said, Johto is by far the best one here to me.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Even with the lack of popularity for Mothim and Wormadam, it’s no excuse not to include them when they are viable, due to the teams being created before release.

      Also Gen III is great, barring some of the awful Pokemon, but at least they tend to keep to their region’s choices


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