Top 10 Rock-Type Shinies

Let’s Rock! After going through the best shinies of the Rock-type! Obviously in no particular order, as per usual with these shiny lists.



I love the metallic colouring on Nihilego, it’s strange to see a metallic colour on a Pokemon, and it works with Nihilego’s white colour and the bright yellow separating the colours.



I love how Minior looks in the Home sprite. Shiny Minior contrasts from all of its other forms and settles for black, as the colour black absorbs all of the other colours. It just makes sense, as Minior is a Pokemon that has different colours revealed when you lower their HP enough for them to break apart.



I love the blue of the shiny Lycanroc, it’s a really nice royal blue. I really like all of the shiny forms, as they complement each Lycanroc form, but my favourite has to be the Dusk Form. That’s all I can really say about it at this point.



Shiny Gigalith reminds me of Chalcanthite, which is a rock that can be poisonous when broken down by water. I love the colour combination and the change from red to this teal blue on its crystal protrusions.



I much prefer Rhyhorn’s shiny to the rest of the line, as it’s the starkest change that looks good. Rhyhorn’s shiny is a lovely copper colour that stands out really well compared to its normal grey colouring.



Shiny Drednaw is beautiful, period. It turns from the bright luminous green of Chewtle to this gorgeous forest green. I do still hate Drednaw and Chewtle though because I had to suffer through over 2,200 eggs to get this shiny.



I love the contrast of black and yellow on shiny Nosepass, and definitely a lot more than on Probopass (I forget Probopass exists most days, honestly). The yellow is just so nice (although it does look better on the Home sprite than it does in its in-game 3D models.



One thing I love about Sudowoodo is that it makes itself look like a tree in autumn in its shiny form, and I find that really clever. I get warm, homely vibes from it because my favourite season is autumn! It’s a good little fake tree!



Omastar has to be on a list, doesn’t it? I really love the colour of the main body on both Omanyte and Omastar, but Omastar gets it because it’s my favourite Kanto Pokemon. It’s a lovely purple/pink colour before Hoenn oversaturated the theme.



Now we have Omastar’s counterpart, Kabutops. I love the vivid green shiny, and this is a theme, definitely. I’d love a shiny Kabutops in Pokemon Go, and that’ll happen once I get to trade with a Lucky friend (I ended up with two shiny Omanyte and a shiny Aerodactyl so it’s just Kabuto left now).

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Rock-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I forgot how good Minior’s shiny was. It’s amazing. And I finally found a shiny Kabutops for Home…just need to be able to get it into SwSh now.


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