Steely Spirit! – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 8

A lot happens here, don’t worry about that!

The Big Semi

I’d arrived at Wyndon Stadium, ready to take on the semi-finals! First up was Marnie, who got wrecked by Blunderbar. I always forget that her Morpeko gets Bullet Seed. Stompy almost didn’t live that!

Hop was also easily defeated, using my great team to co-ordinate and be the best!

Afterwards, we were supposed to have dinner with Leon, but alas, he never arrived. Instead, we had to chase after the Macro Cosmos staff, Eric, whose Steel-types were easily taken down by Bing.

Honestly, I’m going to turn around and say that the entirety of Macro Cosmos was taken out by Bing.

Finally, atop Rose Tower, we came up against Oleana. I have to say I love her battle music. I’d left Bing out up at the front because I predicted that she would have Froslass out first, and I predicted correctly. It was an easy process – Blunderbar took down Milotic, Stompy took down Salazzle, Bing killed Tsareena and Stompy came in clutch and got rid of Garbodor.


It was finally time for the finals! When I stepped out onto the pitch, that cursed Bede came out wanting another battle. The inevitable happened – Bing defeated Bede’s Mawile, and Julian finished off the rest. Julian managed to live a Max Flare coming from Gigantamax Hatterene, and I was proud.

Finally, we were able to get on with the final matches. Nessa came forth, and I brought out Julian to bring down Golisopod, and later Barraskewda when that was brought in as per Golisopod’s Emergency Exit Ability. I then brought in Blunderbar to deal with Seaking, Pelipper and Gigantamax Drednaw.

It was time for the battle with Allister. The poor kid suffered at the hands of Chester.

It was then time for Raihan. I remembered that he started with a Torkoal, so I went with Doris first. And…let’s just say a Drought Torkoal with Solar Beam. I think you know how this goes. Rest in peace, Doris. My initial idea failed, I brought in Bing to deal with chip damage.

Flygon was up next, and Blunderbar was the one for the job, setting up Moonblast to finish it off.

Turtonator came afterwards, and Stompy outmatched it.

I kept in Stompy for Goodra, as I had Stompy learn Breaking Swipe for coverage. Sadly Goodra set up Rain Dance and then Surf, which ultimately killed Stompy. I switched into Blunderbar to tank those hits and set off a Moonblast.

Duraludon didn’t prove to be much of a threat – despite two Max Knuckles, Chester survived and took it down with relative ease.

After bringing in Barbecue the Jellicent and Pierre again I was ready to trigger the interruption of the final match against Leon because Chairman Rose decided he wanted to bring about the Darkest Day. Great!

Final Results:

Deaths: 7

Final team:

Chandelure – Bing

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Jellicent – Barbecue

Pangoro – Chester

Corviknight – Julian

Golurk – Pierre

2 thoughts on “Steely Spirit! – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 8

    1. thatlittlelola

      I kinda feel that the inclusion of the Wild Area made the Nuzlocke so simple to balance, due to the amount of encounters that I had to go with, and I’d only failed one in the entire game, which says a lot.


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