Top 10 Rock-Types

Let’s rock! 

Let’s go in with my top 10 Rock-types!

10. Stonjourner


Stonjourner is literally Stonehenge. It’s Shield Pokedex entry even alludes to this, stating ‘Once a year, on a specific date and at a specific time, they gather out of nowhere and  form up in a circle.’ This references the tradition of gathering at Stonehenge on the morn of the Summer Solstice. It’s a physical wall, but if a Bubble touches it, it’s a goner, basically.

9. Shuckle


Shuckle is very polarising indeed, in its stats at least. While it has ridiculous defences (so much so that it can’t be soloed as a 3* Raid Boss in Pokemon Go), all of its other stats are completely garbage. It’s pretty cute and has a unique charm to it, although it would have been fun to see it Mega Evolve or get a Gigantamax form.

8. Gigalith


I’ve actually just realised that Gigalith has been in every main series game since its debut (not including the Let’s Go games, of course). What Gigalith lacks in Speed, it makes up for that with its meaty Attack and Defense stats (not to mention its Special Defense). I just think Gigalith is pretty cool, and its shiny form is beautiful, reminding me of glowing crystals embedded in rocks all the more. It can use Explosion too, which is quite fun indeed.

7. Aerodactyl


Here, we have the first of four Fossil Pokemon on this list! And when I was first playing Pokemon Go, Aerodactyl was the last non-Legendary, non-regional Pokemon that I needed, and it frustrated me with how rare it was. However, in the main series, it holds up really well. It’s so fast and hits hard, and that is amplified further by Mega Evolving, of which it’s the only Fossil Pokemon to achieve this feat.

6. Tyrantrum


Tyrantrum is a beast. It’s a great early Dragon-type Pokemon, and its Strong Jaw Ability combined with its favourable move pool (by breeding) and beastly Attack stat is a recipe for success. I didn’t use Tyrantrum for my Y playthrough (I chose the Sail Fossil instead), but I can’t deny the strength of this Pokemon and the gorgeous blue shiny form.

5. Rhydon


Rhydon is superior to Rhyperior, let’s put it that way. Eviolite Rhydon surpasses a Rhyperior in terms of Defense stats, although Rhyperior is seen an awful lot in the competitive meta. Plus, Rhydon is so much easier on the eyes, personally. Just don’t let it near any Special Grass or Water moves, and you’re good to go.

4. Coalossal


Coalossal’s a fun Pokemon to use in the right circumstances. Send the Gigantamax out against a Water-type, have the Steam Engine Ability and a Weakness Policy on this, and you’ll be good to go. Maybe not for competitive, but it’ll be a fun tactic to work through some of the opponents. I also like that Tar Shot is able to make the opponent weaker to Fire-type moves as well as lowering its Speed, helping to give Coalossal that little bit of an edge.

3. Crustle


Crustle is a hermit crab, and anyone that knows me well enough knows that I adore hermit crabs. It can utilise Rock Wrecker magnificently with its great Attack stat, but I just love that its shell pretty much dwarves it, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

2. Aurorus


I love sauropods, and Aurorus is no exception – fun fact, the diplodocus is my all-time favourite dinosaur. I think the fact that Aurorus is a sauropod with traits of different diplodocus sold me more than Tyrantrum did in the end. It’s a majestic Pokemon and was a great component in my Y playthrough, too!

1. Omastar


How much do we need to praise Lord Helix?

Answer: there’s never enough praise.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Rock-Types

  1. Tim

    *wiggles limbs* Praise Helix

    I want Stonjournor to be better. I really do. But good lord, I could sneeze on it and it’d faint. You’re all be required to run Protect and a dedicated Follow Me/Rage Powder Pokemon with it if you want to live.


      1. Tim

        I feel like this is the first list where we’ve had wildly different opinions on favorite types. A lot of what I’d consider to be my least favorite Rock types are on your favorite list.


      2. thatlittlelola

        That’s just what makes these kinds of lists fun! It’d be a shame if every top 10 list had the same Pokémon, after all!

        Liked by 1 person

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