Writer’s Block – How To Cope


Yeah don’t take my advice to heart, because every person is different. I do like the featured image that I found – credit to Grammarly!

Throughout the two months of self-isolation and lockdown, there has been a lot of time to get a lot of writing done. As you can tell, I’ve been uploading almost every day for a while, and for a while, I hadn’t stopped. It was everything from writing silly posts to writing short story drafts for a book and for Wattpad. But I got to a point where I sat at my computer and just stared at the screen for hours on end, having typed maybe two paragraphs at most.

Ladies, gentlemen and every other non-binary gender, welcome to writer’s block!

It was horrible to go through the agonising feeling of not being able to face writing about something. It happened on Sunday night, after Community Day. I sat down and started writing the Top 10 Dragon-type post, and my mind just went blank. I suddenly found it impossible to write about Drampa, and I gave up, shut my computer down and relaxed for the rest of the night.

On Monday, I decided that I wasn’t going to write at all. I sat back and played Animal Crossing for a while, and then went into my weekly Mindset Mondays meeting. I discussed that I was having problems with writer’s block, and I was told I was doing good by giving it a break, and that I could even write about having writer’s block!

Tuesday, I didn’t write either, but I did plan out what I was going to have submitted for June on a list, and I could cross them off when I was done. This helped me get some ideas going, and I came up with some new ones pretty easily.

On Wednesday, I started writing again, feeling way more refreshed than before. And there we have it!

My main problem with having writer’s block was that I wasn’t giving myself days off. I was writing every day (bear in mind I’m still unemployed), but I couldn’t really find the motivation to do anything. And then I started to doubt my own writing capabilities and what I was doing. But I’m going to get used to having frequent breaks.

My solution is to have two days a week without writing at all. I may do other activities related to writing, such as playing games or doing some research and planning. But it’s going to be a hard rule, so that I can have two days without worrying about getting a post out that’s due in July/August time.

I always feel proud of myself when I get several posts submitted and scheduled, because it’s like a sense of accomplishment. And that’s what I strive for in my day-to-day life.

2 comments on “Writer’s Block – How To Cope”

  1. I used to struggle a lot with writer’s block. That said, lowering my posting schedule has made it to where I’m having less of a writer’s block issue and more that my issues stem from not having enough time to do things. Between my stories, my editing work. Patreon, and my blog, I’m likely working on something literally every night. I have to remind myself to take breaks from doing stuff, otherwise I start to burn out.


    1. I don’t have as much to do in terms of practical work, but I found that having an anime reviews series really helps, just so that I can watch anime while shiny hunting. I’ve had to make a schedule of when to write, just so that I don’t get burnt out. That said, I am still struggling with writing stories at the moment, but I know I can come back to that eventually, I have no set deadline for that just yet.

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