My Future Playing Pokemon GO – The Next Steps

Hey guys! As you may be aware, I have played Pokemon GO since it first released, and I have…mixed thoughts right now as to what to do. I want to use this post as a kind of thought dump, if you will.

What went wrong?

Monetisation – that’s what went wrong with the game. The game has always had an option to play to participate, but at the same time, Niantic have found so many new ways to make money from the game (despite being a billion-dollar company at this point).

The nail in the coffin was the Special Research for the Throwback event. In order to complete it at this current time (with BLM protests, rioting and COVID) you have to pay. So hatching 15 eggs is simple yet time-consuming – use the sock method. But for the 15 Raids (if you can reach them) youh have to pay for the Remote Raid Passes – and no, you can’t use the free ones either.

The community as a whole has tanked considerably. I don’t mean that as a diss on those whose communities are amazing, but my experience is a bit shit at the moment. For example, the only Pokemon GO related chat that I’m a part of is relegated to shiny bragging and not coordinating raids – basically not letting people know when raids are going to happen.

Oh, and my GO+ no longer works properly. Huzzah!

My next steps

I have been playing more lately over the course of the pandemic, but as of 3rd June, I uninstalled it. I’d been playing less and less, but the Special Research, among the current issues, was not sensitive at all.

As for Community Day, I am in two minds as to whether I will still take part in those, but I may adjust the time that my post drops. Honestly the viewership that the Community Day round-up posts get actually helps motivate me to keep taking part in Community Day. Once I lose that viewership, I become less motivated. Honestly, I had to really push to promote the Seedot post because it didn’t get the viewership that the kind of post normally got at that time.

As for the newly-announced GO Fest, I may be taking part in that. I hope that I’d be able to do what I want at least on day 1, because day 2 falls on Connor’s birthday.

And honestly, that’s pretty much it. That’s the entire update.

2 thoughts on “My Future Playing Pokemon GO – The Next Steps

  1. Tim

    I don’t know that monetization is the lone problem with Go — I do think it accelerated the downfall of the experience though. There’s also the fact that the major issues according to the player base weren’t the same ones that Niantic often worked to address. But that’s neither here nor there.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I spent a huge post discussing a lot of the issues that Niantic failed to fix, and I didn’t want to have to resurface a lot of those issues. It’s why it’s more like an updated version, with the new problems. The heavy monetisation of the game has led to Niantic being complacent, like they don’t care about fixing the game, as long as the money keeps coming in. Eggs could be completely broken and people will still buy incubators, for example.


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