Top 10 Electric-Type Shinies

Well, I’ve run out of introduction ideas, so in no particular order, here is my list of the ten best Electric-type shinies (in my opinion).



Honestly, I think the Amped Form’s shiny form works better as the shiny than the Low Key Form, as the contrast of magenta and yellow works wonders for it, as opposed to the magenta and blue of the latter. Plus it’s my favourite Pokemon, it has to be on here.



I love the contrast of grey and yellow on Manectric, it has to be said. It’s a great upgrade for the admittedly lesser shiny Electrike (not that shiny Electrike is awful of course, I just prefer Manectric).



I love the bright blue on Xurkitree, and it makes it stand out so well.



It’s literally a little red bus and I love it! It’s a vibrant shiny that I adore, and I don’t think I could bring myself to evolve one into Vikavolt either, that’s just how good this shiny is.



Is it wrong that I kinda want to eat this chocolate mouse? I’m getting hungry…

Alolan Raichu


Here we have another lovely chocolatey mouse, and it’s a great colour to see on Raichu in general, and it’s the colour scheme I would have liked to have seen on the Kantonian version.

Mega Ampharos


I chose Mega Ampharos over its normal form because the normal form looks so naked in its shiny colouring, so the white hair along with the pink body looks amazing. Because you’re worth it!

Tapu Koko


I’ve always loved the contrast of black and orange, and it’s why I love the focus on black on Tapu Koko above the other Tapus. It’s a simple shift, and it works for me.



Pink shiny? Yes. Does it make it cuter? Absolutely!



Connor’s favourite Pokemon has to be on this list, surely? It’s a really nice shade of green though, and it’s not a disgusting green shiny either – it works really well for Jolteon, the colour allows it to still look like an Electric-type.

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