Horsing Around – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 7

Ah shit, here we go again.

Back-Alley Gym Battle

I’d approached Spikemuth only to find the gate to the Gym had shut. Oh, the horror, except Marnie called me over to help, but to battle first. That was fine because Chester did great to fend her off. Then she allowed me to take part in the challenge, which was basically to get through all of the Team Yell Grunts (and that one Gym trainer called Joshua).

Best quote of the game: ‘I’m yelling for no reason!’.

Blunderbar and Chester were great for dealing with them, and it was time to face Piers. Honestly, with the same combination of Chester and Blunderbar, the battle with Piers was easy, not to mention it’d be the last simple battle I’d probably face in that vein. I was anticipating Raihan’s Gym more, and that’s where I proceeded.

I do have to say that I like the difference in Spikemuth’s Gym compared to the rest of the Gyms. Piers’ theme was great, as well as it feels like an illicit battle, perfectly reflecting the Dark-type.

‘I Love Double Battles’

On the way to Hammerlocke, I had to go up against a trainer with a Polteageist. Well, after two Nasty Plots, it managed a Giga Drain, thus ensuring that Clonkers died. In my defence, I didn’t realise Polteageist got Giga Drain, so my bad. I beat him with Chester and then brought Pierre in to train up and evolve to Golurk to take Raihan on, as he would be a good option against Raihan’s Duraludon.

I brought out James Pond and Chester to deal with Raihan, after calmly getting through the preliminary trainers. I was so happy that I put Ice Beam on Pond, as he was able to deal with a lot of the opposition pretty easily. It was when Duraludon came out that I panicked a little. Pond had taken a little damage, but nothing too concerning. I Dynamaxed Chester, and Duraludon used Max Depletion. I’d hoped he’d go in on Chester but instead killed Pond. That was my starter Pokemon killed off.

Chester managed to live a crit Max Knuckle, and Chester finished the job nicely.

Road to Wyndon

With Raihan defeated, I had to find a replacement for Pond. I brought in Doris the Chewtle from long ago, and I knew I had to grind a little to get her on the same level as the rest of the party. I did Max Raids for items and candy, and I got to evolve Doris to Drednaw.

I went to Ballonlea to obtain an Eviolite, as I knew I could potentially obtain a Rhydon on Route 10, and no way in hell would I evolve it.

Once Doris was properly levelled up, I headed to Route 10, where I saw nothing but Snover and Snom, two Pokemon that were dupes. I found an exclamation mark, so I went for it, and out popped Rhydon. I had Pierre out, and Rhydon kept using Stomp. So when I caught it, I named him Stompy.

With that, I swapped Pierre for Stompy, and gave the latter the Eviolie.

And after battling some trainers, I finally arrived in Wyndon.

Final Results:

Deaths: 5

Final team:

Chandelure – Bing

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Pangoro – Chester

Corviknight – Julian

Drednaw – Doris

Rhydon – Stompy


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