Top 10 Electric-Types

I can’t think of a good, witty pun to introduce the Electric-type, so let’s just jump right into it! The Electric-type is fun, and one of my personal favourites. I always want to have an Electric-type on my team, and it’s definitely fun to see what Electric-types I enjoy in any new game.

So here is my list of top 10 Electric-types!

10. Arctozolt


Arctozolt just looks completely freezing in this form, being combined incorrectly. It’s one of the four Fossil Pokemon introduced that bucked the trend and scrapped the Rock-type, and this one is the cooler of the two Electric-type options. It’s based on the unfortunate history that us Brits got the fossil splicing incorrect, resulting in abominations.

9. Ampharos


This Pokemon Trainer dreams of Electric sheep, that’s for certain! We love a good Ampharos helping us out on our Johto adventures, and it evolves from Mareep, which is a cute sheep to have. It’s slow but has a great Special Attack stat to make up for it, even more, amplified by its Mega Evolution, which also attaches the Dragon-type, as well as some luscious locks (because you’re worth it).

8. Joltik


Joltik is here for cuteness alone, that’s for certain. While I love Galvantula, I gravitate towards Joltik more because it’s so cute. It was fun having it as a buddy in the overworld in Pokemon Go, because of the way it scuttles around hops all over the place like an actual tick.

7. Zapdos


I keep mentioning Zapdos in my lists, but it’s true – Zapdos deserves a place on this list, as being one of my favourite Legendary Pokemon of all time, as well as my first-ever Legendary encounter. I wasn’t expecting to encounter this at the Power Plant when I first played the game, but it’s worth having for that immense Special Attack and Speed. Its final level-up move, Sky Attack, was completely broken in Let’s Go, with 200 base power (it’s been nerfed back to 140 since). Admittedly, its shiny form looked better in Gold/Silver/Crystal than it did in the rest of the games.

6. Charjabug


I always prefer Charjabug over Vikavolt, because I spent so much time with Charjabug in Ultra Sun, not realising that I could evolve it at Blush Mountain as well as Vast Poni Canyon. I love everything about Charjabug, from its cry to its bus-red shiny form. Its stats aren’t as impressive as Vikavolt’s, Speed aside, but it was a joy to have on the team nonetheless.

5. Jolteon


Fun fact: this is Connor’s favourite Pokemon of all time! I’m not surprised though, Jolteon is pretty cool. Its downfall comes in its move pool, where the moves don’t make effective use of its godly Special Attack, and instead relies on its pretty bog-standard physical Attack. You need to rely on TMs and TRs for your Special Attack needs, but it’s a good option to have on your team – I used one for my Let’s Go playthrough with immense enjoyment.

4. Electivire


Did Electabuzz need an evolution? Yes. Was Electivire the evolution we needed? Also yes. The evolution caused Electivire to go from a Special Attacker to a full-on physical Attacker (although most of its level-up moves are special, I don’t get it either). I really enjoyed using Electivire in Pokemon Go, waiting not-so-patiently to evolve my 100% Electabuzz for the longest time. It also has a pretty cool shiny, which is quite subtle, but effective (unlike Elekid’s).

3. Manectric


Manectric was one of my MVPs of my most recent Omega Ruby playthrough. I raised one as an Electrike as I needed an Electric-type for Winona’s Gym. It was so worth setting up with Thunder Wave and Volt Switch into Swampert against Steven’s Metagross to get the victory. Manectric was such a valuable asset in the end that it’s worth putting this one here in the number 3 spot.

2. Luxray


As you may be aware, Luxray was knocked off its perch at the top spot more recently, and it’s mainly because Luxray hasn’t been featured in a regional Pokedex since its introduction in the Sinnoh region. It hasn’t got a whole lot of love, although I still really like it, it’s not one that I’d easily gravitate towards unless we were playing a Sinnoh remake.

1. Toxtricity


To those that know me well enough, this should come as no surprise whatsoever. I thoroughly enjoyed using Toxtricity in my Sword playthrough, and I enjoyed hunting for Gigantamax Toxtricity all the more once it was released. I do admit that the evolution line could have had a middle-stage, just so that it didn’t go from a baby to what looks like a grown dude air-guitaring in his mother’s basement. I love the concept of Toxtricity though, both forms in particular (although I prefer Amped Form anyway, it just looks cooler).

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Electric-Types

  1. Tim

    I found it really funny that I was scrolling through Imgur this morning and found someone complaining how Luxray doesn’t get better treatment from Game Freak. The Luxray fan base is really weird to me.

    I’m tempted to do a doubles team using Charjabug in some capacity. I haven’t thought through exactly how yet, but I feel like it’d be a fun team.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I for one find it interesting that Luxray is adored by so many (myself included, duh) despite not having that much attention paid to it. I think it’s to do with just how good it was for a Sinnoh playthrough. But you don’t like Luxray, hence why you think the Luxray fan base is weird!


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