Villagers I Dread Finding in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Earlier on, I made a post of my most wanted villagers that I’d love on my island. This time, we’ll flip that around, and give an insight to the villagers that I dread and go ‘Euw no’ when I find them on my Mystery Tours! I’ve also liked a villager from the back, but then saw their face for the first time and freaked.

Any of the mouse villagers


Like no. I’ll put Dora as an exception here because she’s actually cute, but the rest are just…no. Candi is my main example here because, I mean…look at her eyes! That’s not right at all. I saw her on one of my tours and I freaked the heck out. I just don’t like mouse villagers in general, so it’d be hard to convince me to take one.



I tend to like cub villagers in general (see Stitches and Bluebear as two of my favourites), but Barold is just straight-up ugly. It’s to do with his facial hair and glasses-like appearance, but it’s a straight-up no from me. I feel like I’ve seen him on a tour before and just went straight to Wilbur, crying.



I think it’s something to do with those lazy-looking eyes accompanied with the hamster teeth. I feel that if his eyes weren’t so droopy and lazy, he wouldn’t look so bad. Also maybe the pink tuft of hair was a lighter green instead?



It’s the monobrow, man. I don’t normally have issues with monobrows, but holy cow Nate does not pull it off. Remove the monobrow, and he’d be super-cute, I guarantee. That’s literally it. I saw him once and ran for the hills.



I saw this frog on those lips and just went nope. She wouldn’t be so bad if her lips weren’t eligible to be on Botched, but I doubt even that would save her. And y’all think Diva was bad!

Any more Peppy villagers

Bluebear *sob*

I dread any more Peppy villagers for one reason – I’ve had an abundance of Peppy. In my original ten, I had Twiggy and Wendy. I got rid of Wendy, Ketchup came. Ketchup left, I have Audie now. I’m so happy with Twiggy and Audie, so it upset me that I had to turn down both Flora and Bluebear because as adorable as they are, they were both Peppy – I would have taken both otherwise. I don’t like having more than two of the same personality at the same time, but there are so many good Peppy villagers that it sucks.

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