Top 10 Grass-Type Shinies

This was a hard post to write, as I had writer’s block when it came to talking about these shinies in particular. But I managed, and I’m bringing you my favourite Grass-type shinies!



The entire Applin line swaps its red colouring to green, but I think it works best on Flapple. The light and dark green colours together work really well, and I love the impact the change has on Flapple over Appletun.



I love the contrast of purple and blue on Gourgeist, as well as the glowing Jack-o-Lantern body. It’s definitely a Pokemon that’s been coloured black, for those who love the aesthetic of black pumpkins for Halloween.



The shiny form is why I ended up loving Ludicolo all the more. It’s a well-needed glow-up from Lombre, and it compliments its jolly, carefree attitude all the more.



Decidueye looks even more like the emo bird that people make fun of it for being, but I love the contrast of black, white and the turquoise, with elements of red. Rowlet will probably soon be a shiny hunt just because I love this shiny form.



Serperior looks even more elegant in its shiny form than in its regular form. The entire Snivy line can be praised for being the best out of the Unova starters (Tepig is nice though). It kinda makes you want to choose Snivy as a starter just to hunt the shiny.



I always thought it was strange that Tangela and Tangrowth was blue to begin with, and yes, I really like both shinies, but Tangela just wins out. I do have a shiny Tangrowth on my Pokemon Home account, and it just looks so good, but I think Tangela just looks better in general. I love the bright green on this shiny. Good green!



Chespin is sorely let down by its evolutions, but its shiny form is so good. I love the colour combination as it’s very autumnal, something that I love in shinies. We’ll not discuss the evolutions.



Vileplume is one of those that, like Tangela, turns green in its shiny form. I do like the contrast of the green body and the orange flower on top of the head. It’s a simple shift that’s pleasant on the eyes and keeps the colour theme of the Oddish line (forgetting Bellossom, of course).



Shiny Gossifleur is really pretty. It’s a simple colour shift that mutes the colours somewhat, but I think it’s easier to see the distinct shape and inspiration to Gossifleur this way – it was one of the first that I shiny hunted in Sword.



What can I say, I’m definitely a sucker for a pink shiny. I like the way that Virizion, to me, resembles cherry blossoms, and the Pokemon is so elegant itself that it pulls off the pink colour really well.

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