A Frosty Reception – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 6

A lot of bad stuff happened in the last part, so will things look up for us now?

Find out here!

Things Are Looking Up

We reached Hammerlocke, and I had to go east to reach Route 7. Bede was there, of course, and Opal spotted him. Well, Bede is very pink, y’all, and so Opal dragged him off for Fairy boot-camp. Also, stuff went boom, but we’ll get to that later.

I finally go to Route 7, but Hop was persistent in wanting to battle. Snorlax was a stally pain, but I managed to take him down relatively easily. Then my Route 7 encounter was a Galvantula, which was hugely welcomed after the loss of Neo. I named the Galvantula Bonnie and added her to the team in exchange for HotRocks.

I’m grateful Route 7 is so short, because I shortly arrived at the first part of Route 8 easily, and ended up with a Golett for my encounter, which I named Pierre. The Steamdrift Way area was vastly different, and I picked up a Snom of all things! I’ll have to sort out the evolution soon, but I don’t want to have to bring it out with how fragile it is. I named it Lemon for literally no reason. As I went on, it was another easy path to get to Circhester.

Skating on Thin Ice

I went back to the Dusty Bowl for that encounter, which turned out to be a Swinub. I named it Ellie from the Ice Age series. I also decided to do a bit of grinding and raiding for items, and I also changed out Bonnie in favour of Bing, because I knew that Bing would be able to handle the upcoming Gym.

Bing eventually evolved into Lampent, and then I was able to use a Dusk Stone I picked up earlier to evolve it into Chandelure!

It was then time for the Gym challenge! I hate the falling challenges because they feel like they take so much time to navigate, but I managed it in the end, and I was able to take on Melony (God, I love Melony).

I was able to take her first three out with Bing alone, and then Lapras was where Chester shone and two-shot the poor thing.

I went to Bob’s Your Uncle (such a British thing indeed) and then went to the Hero’s Bath where I walloped Hop – seriously, this kid’s persistent.

Onto Route 9, where my encounter was a freaking Jellicent! That was me happy, except for the amount of time and persistence it took to catch the damn thing. It took forever, but I managed to catch it and I named it Barbecue because it was getting late and I was getting hungry.

Then it was time for Team Yell to emerge, and yeah that was easy, as expected. I got the water element for my bike at long last, and I could explore further. In Circhester Bay, I encountered a Wailmer that was a lot easier to catch than the damn Jellicent was. Wailmer was named Melvin.

I ended the session at Outer Spikemuth, where my encounter was a Thievul, oddly enough. She was captured and named Maid Marian.

Final results

Deaths: 3

Final team:

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Inteleon – James Pond

Chandelure – Bing

Pangoro – Chester

Mudsdale – Clonkers

Corviknight – Julian

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