Top 10 Grass-Types

Last week we covered the lovely Water-types, and today we are finishing off the starter type trio, with the Grass-type. Fun fact: I’ve never actually chosen a Grass-type as a starter – the closest one that came to that was Grookey!

So, here’s my list!

10. Leavanny


I have a feeling that my good friend Tim reckons Leavanny should be here, and I agree  (more so for Bug-types than Grass, but I digress). I do hope Leavanny gets into Sword/Shield because it’s such a great Pokemon to use as long as you don’t let it get too close to any Flying- or Fire-types. Leavanny is blessed with great base Attack and Speed stats, and a large amount of beastly Physical attacks by level up and TM, too!

9. Trevenant


Trevenant is the tree of my nightmares (literally, I had a nightmare when I was younger about a tree from my childhood home slamming me onto the ground, Whomping Willow style). While Trevenant is slow, it hits like a truck (just like the tree from my nightmare). Its shiny form is lovely, like autumn (and not like the tree from my nightmare).

8. Appletun


I loved using Gigantamax Appletun for Gmax Kingler Max Raids (Kingler got Max Quake so using an Electric-type was a no-go). Even though I have both Flapple and Appletun, I usually go for Appletun automatically. It’s a slow boy, but it’s tanky enough that it won’t be much of a problem.

7. Whimsicott


I’ve been watching a lot of VGC battles, with a lot of people using a Whimsicott on their team, and it’s clear to see why. It’s fast and relatively bulky, and even with a Trick Room setup, it can utilise its Prankster Ability to make sure that it always goes first while setting up. Now all I need is the Whimsicott Ditto plush.

6. Gourgeist


Gourgeist is Trevenant’s counterpart, but a bit more fun. It’s a great Pumpkin Pokemon, and I like that it comes in four variations: Small Size, Average Size, Large Size and Super Size, each having a different base stat distribution. As of Generation 8, they also have different Pokedex entries. And I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like a good jack-o’-lantern.

5. Decidueye


Considering how much love Rowlet gets, I don’t see enough love given to Decidueye. I’m aware that it’s the third (and last) part-Ghost on this list, but I digress. Decidueye was my go-to False Swiper for my shiny hunting in Ultra Sun, and it really helped – at least until I got a shiny Pangoro on the team for that purpose.

4. Kartana


Kartana is always a funny Pokemon to look at. But it has a place in my list here because it’s design, and also the fact that when I went to shiny hunt one, I got it immediately, without having to soft-reset. Kartana was one of the reasons I went with Sun instead of Moon, and it was worth it. In terms of Special Defense, it’s frail as hell, but it’s a physical behemoth!

3. Breloom


As you may recall, Breloom made the top spot in my Fighting-types list, but narrowly missed out (to be fair, the top two of this list are two of my all-time favourites). I loved using Breloom in Omega Ruby, and I’ve always liked Breloom, but now it’s more than ever. I’d also love to be able to shiny hunt a Shroomish sometime (this is a hint to make Shroomish and Breloom part of the Galar region).

2. Ludicolo


Ludicolo is one of my favourite Pokemon of all time, as is the next on the list. I’ve mentioned a lot about this one in my last post, actually, so I won’t keep you too long with this one. Generally, I love its jolly and carefree nature, as well as how good it actually looked in Detective Pikachu.

1. Roserade


Roserade was one of the mainstays of my Diamond playthrough, and it was so handy to have with its Poison Point Ability. While I don’t seek out having a Roserade in my party for every new Pokemon game (I like using Pokemon from their specific region), it’s a solid part of my Poison-type shiny team.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Grass-Types

  1. Tim

    I do love me some Leavanny. I put it on my Grass team out of necessity (read, needing to find a sixth Grass type I liked while having tons of Bugs I like), but I definitely agree it’s more of a Bug Pokemon. And hurray for Kartana! One of my favorite ultra beasts.


    1. thatlittlelola

      You can never go wrong with Leavanny or Kartana. Leavanny is stylised more as a Bug Pokemon, but it’s still great nonetheless (I don’t often use Grass-types so it can get difficult picking some)


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