We’re Set For Summer – Pokemon Go Community Day Discussion

Well let’s do this, I suppose. How did the second-ever Community Day vote go? We’ll be sure to see more of these later down the line, but for now, we’ll look into this current set. I’ll edit this post when we have our winner!

*Yes, this post went up at 12am BST, as we start the voting very shortly*

Niantic really loves giving us awful options for Community Day Pokemon – and two of these will be featured. We were given the choice between Squirtle, Gastly, Weedle and Sandshrew. Weedle would finally have its shiny released, while Gastly and Sandshrew already have shinies out, but with no Community Day (I did originally hope for a Gastly Community Day back in 2018, but I digress). Squirtle already had a Community Day release, alongside the Sunglasses variant from Field Research.

This was a different voting system to the one in place in February. As to respect social distancing measures, instead of voting via Field Research tasks like before, we instead took to Twitter to vote for which Community Day Pokemon we wanted. The winner would be featured for June’s Community Day, while the runner-up would be featured on July’s rendition.

It means that, for the first time, a Pokemon that already has a shiny form would be featured as a Community Day Pokemon (excluding December’s rehashes and any Community Day do-overs, such as Beldum for the APAC region and Slakoth for the EMEA region).

An early Twitter poll from Couple of Gaming showed that Weedle won by a landslide, while Gastly took second place, making them the hypothetical June and July Community Days. Interestingly enough, the Pokemon GO early poll actually had Gastly come out on top, with Weedle coming in second. Either way, the two favoured Pokemon for June and July are Weedle and Gastly. And honestly, they are my two picks – but you can only vote for one!

But why are Gastly and Weedle so sought-after? Let’s take a look at our choices:


Basically, Blastoise will get Aura Sphere (currently Lucario’s exclusive move), which will come in handy for encountering Registeel and the like in PvP battles. There is no indication that Sunglasses Squirtle will be returning, however, making July 2018’s Community Day encounters that much more exclusive. If Sunglasses Squirtle were to return, it would be more favourable for the newer players, that’s for certain.


Gastly has had its shiny form out for a while, but I’m one of the only ones that has not encountered it at all. Gengar will get Shadow Punch, which will benefit from STAB, and is quick to charge in order to make sure your opponent will use their Shields, and then using a more powerful attack later. Gengar’s shiny is terrible though.


Both Kantonian and Alolan Sandshrew already have their shiny forms out, and I have just the Kantonian shiny. However, while Kanto is to be released in the wild and in Eggs, Alola will be only in Raid Battles. This is a change-up from the earlier possibility of Alolan Vulpix being in Field Research encounters. This change may be due to the quarantine period we’re in. Both variants of Sandslash will get Shadow Claw, allowing Alola to be able to charge its Charged Attacks faster.


Everyone wants Weedle – it’s the only one without its shiny released. Shiny Beedrill is beautiful and so worth it. Beedrill will know Drill Run, which will be great for coverage and strategising in GBL. Because it’s a new shiny without any later issues (such as terrible shiny, lack of extra form or Raid-locked), Weedle has definitely been sought after. I’d be shocked if Weedle wasn’t chosen for either June or July’s Community Day.



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