My Most Desired Animal Crossing Villagers

Hey guys! I wasn’t going to make another Animal Crossing post, but I thought why the hell not? It’s something I’m hugely interested in, and I wanted to go over the villagers that I’d love to have over on the island of Laranjeira! And if I enjoy doing this, I’ll make a separate list of villagers I will nope the hell out on.

As you may be aware, you can only have ten villagers maximum at a time, leaving you limited to what you can have as your companions. But if you could have unlimited villagers, these would be my picks:

Starting off with my honourable mention, we have Tangy. Tangy would fit my island’s theme really well, considering that she’s based on an orange, and the name of my island is Portuguese for ‘orange tree’. Plus Portuguese orange juice is absolutely spot on, and Tangy reminds me of that time I spent there. I’ve seen her fruit-themed house, and it’s amazing.



Stitches has a special place in my heart because he shares my birthday (February 10th) so it’s a clear winner for me, but he is super adorable, and he’s like the patchwork teddy bear that kids adore. He’s so cute, and he’s always at the top of my search list whenever I hunt for new villagers.



For someone who’s a cat person, I have yet to have a cat villager. Anhka would be purrfect for the cat person in me, as well as her ancient Egypt theme (that was one of my favourite History topics, World War II aside). She’s truly iconic, and it would be fun to see her wandering around.



Skye is mostly Connor’s choice of wolf, as she has a gorgeous colour scheme and appearance. If I didn’t already have an abundance of amazing normal villagers (Coco and Fauna), Skye would definitely have a place on my island.



Willow…oh my God, she has my favourite colour scheme – pink and yellow. I would have had a chance of having Willow too if it hadn’t been for Wendy’s insistence on not leaving (seriously, I spent all day getting her to leave), as someone had Willow in boxes at the time. Plus she’s so adorable, regardless of the colour scheme.



I turned down Phoebe once, as I already had a sisterly villager (Pashmina) and didn’t want a second. However, now that I don’t have a sisterly, I’m open to options, and if Phoebe comes on another Mystery Tour, I’m having her and her burning lava house.



I didn’t realise that Flora’s birthday is the day before mine. But she’s bright pink, and I love that. Her home in New Horizons is gorgeous and reminds me of the great outdoors. Of course, she had to have flamingo decorations, as she is a flamingo.



Lolly is such a cute cat. I don’t know what it is about her – it could be the eyes or the smile, but she’s the top pick for me if I were to have any cat villager. I miss having a cat in real life, never mind in Animal Crossing.



Marina is so pink and cute! All of the octopus villagers are great (granted, there is only Marina, Octavian and Zucker). But Marina is the cutest of the three. Marina boasts my favourite shade of pink, as well as her yellow cheeks (you know I’m a sucker for pink and yellow together).



Judy is a gorgeous pastel coloured cub, and those crazy eyes are so cute! She definitely has that cutesy theme! I need that kind of pastel vibe in my life right now, and Judy fits the bill.



Sherb is such a cute goat! There’s not a lot of goat villagers that I like, so to see Sherb is awesome! I love his winter-knit jumper, too – it suits him! As a lazy villager, I could see him and Ozzie getting on really well, lounging around the island.

2 thoughts on “My Most Desired Animal Crossing Villagers

  1. Tim

    I love Ankha already. I know minimal about them. But I love them. Also, the only one of these I recognize is Marina, as my wife has her.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Ooh your wife is lucky! And granted this post was scheduled wrong – it wasn’t supposed to go out at midnight, but doesn’t matter I suppose!


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