Top 10 Water-Type Shinies

I think these lists have been going quite swimmingly if I do say so myself. But I want to carry it on, and here are my Water-type shiny picks, in no particular order!



Cramorant’s shiny is based on the curry bird news story, where a herring gull named Vinny was rescued and was covered in curry or turmeric. Apparently, a second seagull was cared for by the same rescue centre after it fell into a vat of bright orange tandoori sauce! It works out remarkably well, as the Galar region is known for its plentiful curries. Even with all of that said, I love shiny Cramorant, and I think it’s one of the best shinies in the Galar region.



With the amount of shiny Shellder I’ve picked up in Pokemon Go (7), I should hate this thing. However, I love the shiny and wish they kept the colour scheme for Cloyster. I mean, it’s orange! It’s my favourite colour, which grants it an automatic win, despite the number of shinies I’ve had already.



I said in last week’s post that you can’t go wrong with the colour blue, and Corsola proves me absolutely correct. It’s such a huge colour shift, but it works well – it looks more like coral of a colder temperature, and it’s just so…nice.



While I love green Marill, I think shifting the colour to a golden-yellow for Azumarill was the right call. It just looks so much nicer, and you know I’m totally fond of yellow and gold shinies anyway. It fits the charm of Azumarill so well, and it’s like a great oval of sunshine!



Gyarados is fabled for being the token shiny, due to its relevance in the Gold/Silver storyline at the Lake of Outrage. I never got that nostalgia, but I still love it anyway, just for being a mean red boy/girl. Unsurprisingly, Magikarp was my first shiny in Pokemon Go, and when it evolved it became Red Ross, due to that one episode of Friends.



I usually forget about Relicanth, but not only is it a great Pokemon, it has a gorgeous shiny form to boot. It’s another blue shiny, and it kinda makes the main body look like the sea and different continents. It’s clear that this thing hasn’t survived for 100 million years for nothing!



Floatzel has a few changes here, but I love the contrast of the golden body and the white life preserver-type thing. It’s not a shiny that I used to like immediately, but it’s grown on me for the better, in this instance.



Greninja’s shiny looks badass. While I’m not the biggest fan of Greninja by far, its shiny form cleans up pretty well, transforming into the blackest edgelord ever. Well, it is supposed to be a ninja, so the colour scheme works really well for it.



Even though Luvdisc isn’t the greatest of Pokemon, the shift from pink to gold hits the mark. Yes, it’s another golden shiny, but it’s so clean for Luvdisc. It’s simple, but it strangely works so well. It makes me like Luvdisc just that little bit more than normal. Only by a little, though.



I like that the protrusions of Staryu look less green in the 3D models than the sprites do, otherwise this wouldn’t have made it on the list. It looks a lot cleaner this way, and I toiled for a while in Let’s Go to get a shiny (I ended up with Tentacool instead, enter sad trombone sounds).

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Water-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    Yay orange shinies!

    Luvdisc is one of the few Pokemon I have zero use for in Go and that I don’t like that I still shiny check whenever I see it. It’s just a really good shiny.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I don’t like that I still have to check Luvdisc considering I’ve not had its shiny in the entire time it’s been out, but it’s so lovely to look at.

      And yes, much love to the orange shinies!

      Liked by 1 person

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