Things Just Got Fairy Bad – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 5

Oh boy.

We Peaked Here

I went into the Stow-on-Side Gym feeling confident, yet apprehensive. I knew how difficult this Gym can get in the best of circumstances. I ended up swapping out Bing in favour of Clonkers in order to level the latter up some, and because I needed a good Duraludon counter for later.

I led with Chester, and I actually think the puzzle looks better as a Ghost-type than Fighting. It looks awesome, and the cup resembles a Sinistea, something I never noticed, as this is my first time playing Shield. Throughout the challenge, Pond finally evolved into Inteleon, and I was hella excited for that!

Now it was time to face the onion boy himself – Allister. When it came to Mimikyu, it was easier to set up Toxic and then use a small move to trigger the Disguise Ability – good boy Neo! Chester picked off the rest, and even managed to one-shot the Gigantamax Gengar.

And All Downhill

After I beat Allister, we found Bede being a prick, so I fought him. Julian’s Hone Claws/Power Trip strategy paid dividends and I won, and Bede got disqualified. Good.

On to Glimwood Tangle to get to Ballonlea, and I had Spritzee as an encounter. I mean, Ponyta or Sinistea would have been great, but whatever. It was named Pink Plague because of its references towards a plague doctor. We made it through Glimwood Tangle relatively unscathed and made it to Ballonlea.

I decided that it would be a good time to try and evolve Hermione, as it would be handy to have a Runerigus all ready to go. I headed to the Dusty Bowl and run into something high-levelled. I did that, and it was a Mandibuzz. Great! I went in, and Mandibuzz dropped me to 1HP, thanks to the Focus Sash. However, there was something wrong – I’d forgotten to take into account the weather. It was hailing.

Yes, poor Hermione fainted while I was trying to get her evolved. Rest in peace, Hermione.

However, I still managed to get Clonkers evolved to Mudsdale, and Julian evolved to Corviknight.

I forgot I had an encounter in the Giant’s Seat, so I headed over there, and the encounter was a Snover. Unfortunately, crits matter, and so I failed that encounter.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I headed over to the Ballonlea Gym, and I thought I’d be relatively safe with Neo. Unfortunately, one of the trainers had an Aromatisse that had Psychic. On top of the damage it already sustained, it couldn’t handle that super-effective move, and Neo fainted, my poor baby.

However, Opal was easier, and Julian handled it well just by spamming Steel Wing.

I brought in HotRocks to get it evolved to Coalossal.

Final results 

Deaths: 3

Final team:

Corviknight – Julian

Inteleon – James Pond

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Mudsdale – Clonkers

Pangoro – Chester

Coalossal – HotRocks

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