Top 10 Water-Types

Now that we’re done with Fire-types, let’s cool off by talking about the most abundant type there is in Pokemon – Water. I mean, it makes sense – the world is mostly made of water (insert “7.8/10, too much water” joke here). 

10. Cramorant


It’s Japanese name is hella strange – Uu. That’s literally it – it’s supposed to be based on the sound of choking as well as the translation of ‘cormorant’. Cramorant is a funny bird, with its Gulping and Gorging forms – I just like how it ends up choking on a Pikachu of all things! This was also a lovely shiny form to hunt, as its shiny form may also be based on the curry bird named Vinny that was found back in 2019 – and we all know Galar loves its curry, so…

9. Jellicent


Jellicent is great, and I enjoyed using it so much in a recent playthrough! It’s able to take hits really well with its great HP stat and its good Special Defense. It’s not the hardest hitter, but Water Spout is great for that!

8. Barraskewda


Barraskewda was a great MVP of my Sword playthrough, managing to take down a Gmax Charizard in two turns. This is the go-to Pokemon if you chose Grookey or Scorbunny as your starter, hands down. It’s great for that easy take-down of Charizard because Barraskewda is a ridiculously fast Pokemon – good enough to cover up how frail it is. Would I use a Barraskewda again? Absolutely!

7. Gastrodon


Did you know, I quite like slugs? That said, I like weird creatures anyway. I chose the East Sea Shellos for my image because it’s my preference between the two, and I’m happy that it’s that variant that’s in the Galar region! It’s a bit slow, but its Special moves hurt when it does come around to attacking. However, I think this would have brightened up the Hoenn region just a smidge (they were originally planned for Ruby and Sapphire).

6. Inteleon


Even though I never chose Sobble until my Shield Nuzlocke playthrough, I can see why others did. I will admit that it’s probably my favourite of the Gigantamax Galar starters though, as it’s a literal sniper using its tail as a vantage point. It has a great signature move in Snipe Shot, which allows the move to hit the chosen target, regardless of Follow Me (this means using it in Metronome fails because the move targets the user). Inteleon is just super-cool, with people making references to James Bond. After using one, it deserves to be on this list for definite.

5. Toxapex


My HOME file didn’t have a normal Toxapex sprite. Have the lovely shiny form instead! Toxapex was a fun one to add to my Poison team, with its stalling and defensive capabilities. Give it the Regenerator Ability and some Black Sludge, as well as some stalling moves, and you’re good to go!

4. Omastar


Praise Lord Helix. That is all.

3. Primarina


And to think a lot of people hated Popplio when it was first revealed. I’m actually talking about actual disgust for the poor thing. Meanwhile, I liked it, so I chose it twice. Primarina is such a good final evolution for a starter, and it went toe-to-toe with Ultra Necrozma. I doubt I could use another Alolan starter after that.

2. Swampert


This is another starter that I chose for both my ORAS playthroughs, and yes, I like Mudkip. Swampert is an absolute blast to use, and I loved pairing it with Manectric, so I could get the Discharge move without hurting the Swampert. It’s also a Mega Evolution that I loved using as well, but I just wouldn’t bring it out against a Grass-type, even with its bulk.

1. Ludicolo


I definitely started loving this Pokemon more after seeing its shiny form, but I think that Ludicolo embodies everything that I wanted in a Pokemon. It’s a pineapple duck that just wants to dance, and that’s all I need. It’s got a great type combination of Water/Grass, and it gave me a bit of a challenge during my noob days when type match-ups weren’t properly ingrained into my mind.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Water-Types

  1. Tim

    1. Praise Lord Helix
    2. I’m convinced I’m one of the few people who doesn’t like Jellicent. it’s fiiiine. But it seems weirdly over-designed to me.


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