Quality of Life Ideas for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out back in March, just in time for our quarantine. After playing it for over 240 hours, I can safely say that it’s probably the best game I’ve played in recent years – even better than Sword and Shield, would you believe?

However, no game is perfect, and I’d like to see some quality of life changes that would just make the gameplay easier. 

Isabelle announcing vendors

Isabelle’s morning announcements could help to introduce whichever vendor or visitor has appeared on the island. I mean, Wisp and Gulliver are at random times so I’ll make allowances for those, as well as an announcement for shooting starts, therefore Celeste. But she could say ‘Word is that Saharah is on the island! She’ll provide you with rugs, flooring and wallpaper!’ The same can be announced for Flick, CJ, Label and Leif

Redd is a secret, so best keep him under wraps!

Redd appears more often

Speaking of Redd, there have been memes popping up on social media of late about how Redd practically disappears off the face of the earth once you’ve encountered him for the first time. It’s frustrating considering that you can only buy one painting from him per day, and with the risk that all of his available paintings at one time could potentially be fake, it’s even worse. I suppose it stops us from completing the art gallery quickly, even with time travel, but it would be nice to see him at least once per week.

Choose how many of the item you want to buy

You can buy singles or in bulk, but the bulk option only allows you to buy five. So you want to buy twelve of an item? Two fives and two singles. If we had a counter that we could move up to twelve for that option, brilliant!

Consume as much fruit as you want

This is definitely going to save time. However, I make sure not to use so much fruit by eating one just before breaking a rock – that way I have some leftover to sell. Even if you eat too much, there’s still the toilet.

Bulk craft & pull materials from storage

The same can be said for crafting – I’d like to bulk-craft fish bait or any other item. The slider from the last point would work here, too.

When you’re at home and crafting, you’d be able to pull the materials from your home storage, so you don’t have to fill your inventory with materials only to have to put it back afterwards.

Friendship meter

Friendship meter is something that I got from Pocket Camp, although it would work as more of a meter rather than a constantly filling level-up system. It’d give you an indication at how much you’ve interacted with the villagers, and how likely they are to want to leave. Speaking of leaving…

A solid method to kicking out villagers (without Amiibo)

The amount of time I spent getting rid of Boots and Wendy was disgusting. I’d done everything – isolated them in their homes, pushed them around, batted them with nets, talked to Isabelle, talked to them too much, and yet it seemed like my favourites all wanted to leave. I haven’t bought Amiibo cards, so I won’t be able to kick out whoever I want for someone of my favour, so it’s a lottery for me. This can be worked into the friendship meter system.

NPC tracking

Are you wondering where Chief is so that you can give him his lost item? Yeah, me too. Honestly, if there was a way to be able to track a particular villager or NPC, then that’d be brilliant.

Be able to buy more than one of the same item from Able Sisters

How many t-shirts do you buy at once in a normal shopping trip? Exactly.

Clothes go in the wardrobe storage

I don’t get why clothes can be accessed from the normal storage itself, rather than being kept just to the wardrobe storage. It’d free up storage, especially if you’re a fashionista. Cosplayers, anyone?

Tool durability meter

I’d like to see just how long I have with each tool before it breaks, so that I’m able to craft or buy more to prepare for my work on the island. So if I know that my shovel’s about to break before I start organising a buttload of flowers, I can get that sorted so I don’t have to make a quick trip to get that fixed/bought in the middle of it all.

Easier airport navigation

I’d like the idea of having the TV in the airport showing you the friends that are online so that you can visit them. Orville would be able to communicate with you from here, and you can choose your destination from here. The Nook Miles Tour and Harv’s Island could be accessed from here, too. If you want to open your island, just talk to Orville – although I did see a fanmade trailer that saw you open your island from your Nook Phone, which is a brilliant idea.

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