Top 10 Fire-Type Shinies

We went through my top 10 Fire-types in general, but my preferred shinies are a bit different. 

Here they are – my picks for my favourite Fire-type shinies, in no particular order!



I didn’t think Arcanine could look any cooler, and then out comes its shiny form. This shiny form is making me wish that Arcanine was a Fire/Electric-type, and that would have been awesome (honestly I think Arcanine would have been one of my all-time favourites if that had happened).



I love the grey colouring on shiny Camerupt, and it looks like a proper volcanic base at this point. I’m reminded of Mount Doom, and I’m digging the idea.

Do you think Camerupt would be happy if you threw a ring inside of it?



The most striking difference we see here is the flames of Chandelure look more like real flames than anything else, which is a clever colour shift. Its eyes also turn to a pink colour, and that’s the exact shade of pink that I love, too. It comes together surprisingly well, and I’m here for it.



I placed Torracat here because I think the shiny colouration works best for it than the others of its evolution line. Torracat looks adorable yet feisty, and this entry makes me wish Incineroar wasn’t Incineroar, but it’s happened, meow we must move on.

I’m sorry.



I love the vibrant blue flames that make up Ponyta’s mane, and I feel that the shade works better than what we got for Rapidash. Plus Ponyta is truly adorable anyway. Rapidash’s shiny form dilutes the vibrancy of the shiny that we see here.



I love the subtle yet noticeable shift from black to blue for Houndoom. I’m amazed that Houndoom still doesn’t look like a stereotypical Fire-type here, but it still pulls it off remarkably. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the colour blue, anyway. It’s such a hard colour to mess up on.


255 (2)

I think Torchic’s shiny works so well because of the simplicity – basically, the colours of Torchic have inverted. It’s just really simple, but I feel that the lighter colours get lost in Combusken and Blaziken, so I think Torchic has the best shiny out of the evolution line.



I love shiny Ninetales, even more so than the shiny Alolan counterpart. I find the blue tips at the ends of its tails intriguing, and it also stands out a whole lot – I always forgot Ninetales had a darker shade on the ends of its tails. I also love the grey colouring for its body, and it sets itself apart from its original colouring.



I had to include Fennekin on this list because, out of all of its evolution line, I think Fennekin pulls off the shiny colouration the best. It’s very similar to Ninetales, aside from its detailing is red rather than blue. But I love the grey colour, and it just makes Fennekin better for me overall.



I’m aware of the number of starters that are on this list, and I had to include Cyndaquil. I have great memories of Cyndaquil Community Day back in November 2018 (my last one in Lisbon), and I like the shade that the shiny form takes. I think the colours suit Cyndaquil better than its evolution line, too.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fire-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I’m in agreement on almost all of these being my top ten as well. I think I’d swap out Cyndaquil and Arcanine for Ho-oh and Victini. That said, they’re still good shinies.


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