Slow-On-Side – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 4

I’m aware this is a short post this week, but the way that I did them left this part up to basically housekeeping and getting things up to scratch.

Basically, I needed a Dark-type.

Encounter Madness

There was a lot of housekeeping to do before we got to Stow-On-Side and faced Allister. I needed to go around the Wild Area and catch up on a lot of Pokemon encounters. Hop went off to fight Bede and failed.

The first was Watchtower Ruins, where I was almost guaranteed a Ghost-type. Out popped Duskull, which was named Polyphemus, the same as my Duskull from my Emerald Soul-Link. I then did a few raids to get some EXP candy so I could get some quick evolutions done.

This meant that Chester evolved into Pangoro, and Neo evolved into Toxtricity. These were so handy for me, as Pangoro would be able to tackle the upcoming Gym with ease (barring Mimikyu), and Neo would finally be viable for actually bringing out, as Toxel is pretty damn fragile.

I wandered over to North Lake Miloch, where my encounter was a Mudbray. I absolutely love using Mudsdale in playthroughs, so this was especially important. I named her Clonkers because I had no other name for her. It’s kinda stuck, looking back.

My Motostoke Riverbank encounter was a Skorupi, that I ended up naming Sasori, after a character from the Naruto series, as it just fit when it evolves into Skorupi.

Heading over to Bridge Field, I encountered a Palpitoad, which was named Shebra. I don’t know why I named her that, but she’ll be handy if I lose either Pond or Clonkers. I went over to the Digging Duo to see if I could get some handy items, like evolution stones, or even if I could get stuff to sell later down the line.

Heading over to the Stony Wilderness, it was snowing (just like everywhere seems to when I want an encounter). I picked up a Cubchoo that I named Shirokuma after the character from the Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls game.

My penultimate stop on this journey was to Giant’s Cap, where I encountered a Noctowl. It was a pain in my sorry ass, but Hubert became a good-standing resident in my box.

Finally, we reached Hammerlocke Hills, where it was snowing (again). This time, I managed to get myself a Snorunt, that turned out to be female. This meant that I could have a Froslass. I named her Tundra, and I thanked my lucky stars that I got a Dawn Stone from the Digging Duo earlier so that I could evolve it right there and then – which I did.

Locke and Load

I arrived in Hammerlocke, got a lecture from Rose about the industry, got a lecture from Sonia about the old hero tale, and then went on my merry way to Route 6.

Team Yell was trying to let the Silicobra sleep, Hop came over and decided he wanted a battle with them, and failed again. I had to pick up his slack and take them on, easy done. Hop moaned on for a bit before heading on, and I went right into Route 6, bold as brass.

My encounter for this route was Yamask, which would be very handy once it evolves to Runerigus, I thought. So I caught it and named it Hermione after the character from the Harry Potter series.

I swapped Chester for Bruno so that I could evolve it into Linoone, which I did, before swapping them back. I wanted Linoone available in case I ended up losing Chester for whatever reason.

I got my gift Pokemon for Route 6 – a Dracovish. I decided to release it and get my bonus encounter, which ended up being a Dugtrio. It wasn’t great – it didn’t have Arena Trap. However, it may come in handy later on. I named it TripleThreat because…well, it’s three of them.

I got to Stow-on-Side, checked every nook and cranny for every little item I could remember there being, and then I had to fight Hop. I remembered that I didn’t have a Ground-type in my team to counter his Toxel, but I made do with what I had. I still beat his butt though!

Final results

Deaths: 1

Final team:

Drizzile – James Pond

Pangoro – Chester

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Toxtricity – Neo

Litwick – Bing

Corvisquire – Julian

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