Top 10 Fire-Types

Is it me, or is it hot in here? Well, that’s probably because of today’s list! We’re taking a look at the best (in my opinion) Fire-type Pokemon.

It’s a sentimental type, it used to be one of my favourites. Charmander was my original starter, too (but Charizard did not make it on this list).

10. Coalossal


I love Coalossal’s cheeky Tar Shot strategy, ensuring that the opponent becomes weak to Fire. I also love Coalossal’s Steam Engine Ability, as a lot of people decide to use a Water-type attack on Coalossal, and accidentally activating it. That happened during a Max Raid and the host went right in with just the two of us. I used Sandaconda because Coalossal is also 4x weak to Ground.

9. Houndoom


Houndoom actually was the starter for my Emerald Soul Link playthrough with my Connor (to be fair, I called dibs on it, so he chose Aron), but sadly because of Connor, it was taken too soon. I probably would use the Mega Evolution, but I think it’s just a little over-designed. I do think it’s odd that a Special Attacker gets quite a substantial amount of Physical Attack moves by level up, though.

8. Camerupt


This is another 4x weak to Water Pokemon, but this doesn’t have the Steam Engine to back it up. However, I really loved using Camerupt, foregoing the Mega Evolution in favour of a Quick Claw – the Mega is slower than the normal form! The Quick Claw really came into clutch though, although definitely not against Metagross.

7. Arcanine


I don’t think there is a person in the world who doesn’t like Arcanine, and if they don’t, they have no soul. I loved riding an Arcanine in the Let’s Go games, but I wish I was able to do that in Sword and Shield. It’s also quite fun that Arcanine has the Intimidate Ability while it just looks like such a fluffy good boy.

6. Typhlosion


Typhlosion is a Pokemon that I love for just its general appearance alone (although the 3D model is disappointing and sad). Typhlosion’s usual sprite just makes the Pokemon look badass with its fiery collar. Also, honey badgers don’t give no shits.

5. Incineroar


I have to say this – he’s grrrrrreat! I wasn’t too huge on Incineroar when I first saw it revealed, but with its Intimidate Ability, it’s worthwhile to have. I like the idea of having a heel wrestler inspiration for its design and its secondary Dark-typing. Plus Incineroar gave us the move Darkest Lariat.

4. Volcarona


Volcarona was my hatching buddy for when I was hatching eggs for my HOME Living Dex. It has a gloriously beautiful shiny form too, and I love its moth origins. I like how you can get a special one in the Relic Castle, though, which makes the Pokemon all the more.

3. Chandelure


To be fair, for an inanimate object Pokemon, I don’t see an awful lot of hate for Chandelure. It’s also my favourite Unova Pokemon (and the favourite of the masses, too), and it’s the token Pokemon to use Flame Body (Volcarona aside), as well as the Will-o-Wisp/Hex strategy. And honestly, I’d love some Chandelure-designed chandeliers in my house.

2. Cinderace


As soon as I saw the starters revealed, I knew I wanted Scorbunny as my starter. I’m incredibly impressed with Cinderace though, and Billy became one of my MVPs of the team. I’m still looking forward to its Libero Hidden Ability, as well as its Gigantamax form, which just looks badass.

1. Centiskorch


Centiskorch wasn’t a Pokemon that I expected to love as much as I do. I pretty much love this for the same reasons as Volcarona but multiplied with Centiskorch. I’ve been using Centiskorch as my current hatching buddy due to its Flame Body Ability. I love its design and Gigantamax form, too! To be fair, I’m surprised it doesn’t kill everything around it (according to the Sword Pokedex entry, its body temperature reaches around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s some scary shit!

So, which Fire-type Pokemon do you prefer (probably Charizard, to be honest). Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Fire-Types

  1. Tim

    There are a lot of Pokemon who weirdly get move types that don’t make sense for them, though I think you’re right that Houndoom might be one of the most glaring examples. The other one that always bothered me was Empoleon, which gets Defiant as an ability, yet really doesn’t have a lot to use with it. I enjoyed seeing Camerupt pop up on this list. I feel like it’s pretty underappreciated.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Camerupt is great, despite it being slow. To be fair it also made for one of the more memorable Form Fights I’d ever seen. Sadly it did get creamed by Mega Metagross last time I used one (Giga Impact powered up by Tough Claws be damned).


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