Pokemon I’d Like To See in Sword/Shield Expansion Pass

There has been huge outcry about the lack of National Pokedex since news broke, and I do generally agree with the lack of National Pokedex, personally. Certain Pokemon have absolutely no business being in the Galar region (that even includes some that are in the game, looking at you Sigilyph). 

Here, I’m wanting to discuss the Pokemon that I’d like to see make a return in the upcoming Expansion Pass. We know that around 200 Pokemon are making a return, and some have already been confirmed. Here are the unconfirmed Pokemon that I felt was necessary to include on this list:



Snubbull and Granbull aren’t my favourite Pokemon, but they do deserve to have a place in the Galar region because of their origin as a bulldog. And as you can imagine, we’re pretty known for the British Bulldog. There’s literally a pose that people used to do in the 90’s called “The British Bulldog”. The fact that these two Pokemon aren’t in Galar currently surprised me.



It’s nothing to do with the region itself, I just really like Breloom and want to shiny hunt one in the Galar region. That’s literally it.



Don’t fuck with swans. It’s widely believed that the Queen of England owns all of the swans, but according to Culture Trip, “In fact, the British monarch owns all unmarked mute swans in open water in the UK, but the Queen only exercises ownership on certain stretches and tributaries of the River Thames around Windsor.”

This is why I’m surprised that Ducklett and Swanna weren’t in Galar to begin with.



This line hasn’t been seen in a regional Pokedex since its debut in the Sinnoh region. As an evolution line that was at one point my all-time favourite, it’s sad that the lack of attention has seen it fall into the wayside, and I’d like to at least see a Galarian form if anything.



Its fossil counterparts Amaura and Aurorus have been confirmed to return in the expansion pass, so I figured that, at the very least, the more favoured of the pair should be a shoo-in. I’m not saying that Amaura is disliked, but I know that Tyrunt is favoured of the two (and for good reason, it’s awesome!).



It’d be nice to have the Poliwag line on this list, because it would have been an ideal evolution line to have had. Even though the species of frog that they are based on aren’t native to the UK, I think it’s a shame that we missed out on these beasts when they included Seismitoad.

Just saying, like.



Tim told me to put this on the list.

Do you have any other Pokemon you’d like to see return (and don’t say “all of them”, that’s cheating!)? Let me know in the comments section below!

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