All of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

Earlier, I made a post discussing my Animal Crossing experience as a first-time player. Things have changed since – for example, I’ve been very much into terraforming (while keeping the island’s natural shape), I’ve received a 5* rating, and I’ve had villagers come and go.

Speaking of, today’s post is highlighting all of the villagers that I’ve had live on the island of Laranjeira. This does not include campsite visitors, with two exceptions.



Diva was one of my starting villagers, and despite her being a frog, I was less than pleased. I just didn’t click with her, to begin with, and I was thrown off when she didn’t like talking too much (although I now know that’s a thing with the other villagers too). I’ve bonded with Diva more so since, but when she decided to leave I let her. I’ve noticed that she’s very divisive anyway, but with more people actually disliking her than not.



Pierce is my clear favourite of the two starting villagers, and sadly he was one of the first who wanted to leave my island. However, I convinced him to stay because he’s lovely. I love his cricket shirt, despite the fact I hate cricket, but it’s something that hits close to home that I had to love it!



After a while, I was instructed to make three plots for new residents. I found new residents in the Mystery Islands, and Ozzie is such a treat! He’s a cute little koala, and all the time he’s been on my island, I adore him all the more! He’s way too innocent, and he’s definitely staying for the long term.



Twiggy was the second of the three chosen to make the first round of house-building and furniture-crafts. I adore Twiggy, and I would be heartbroken if she left. It’s so cute to see her lifting weights and exercising with Pierce. Twiggy also hooks me up with the cutest of outfits! Seriously, she’s one of the best that I have, especially when she calls me her bestie (at least this best friend will never leave me)!



Cally is adorable! She has given me a good few cute items and she’s precious! She is a tiny, innocent squirrel, but she decided to leave one day, and I accepted that fate. She’s cute, but it was time to move on.



Lopez was the campsite visitor that eventually moved over permanently, and for a smug villager, I don’t mind him at all. He is really sweet, and he at one time gave Sydney a present – it was so adorable, and Lopez is just great in general.



I actually don’t know why I invited Boots over. I just wanted him gone for the longest time. Everything adorable that everyone else does, it’s just weird on him. But now he’s gone, and the island feels a lot better! The less said about him, the better, really.



Connor found Sydney for me while he was on his rounds, and when he shared me the image of her, I was eager as hell to have her on the island. She’s another koala like Ozzie, and also elevates the cuteness of the island. She’s definitely my favourite of the bunch.



Wendy is pretty cute! She’s neutral for me, but not in a bad way. I like her, definitely. She’s a grower for me, I feel. But if she wanted to leave, I’d allow it. As a peppy villager, she’s like Twiggy, but a bit off, if that makes sense.



Maggie was the last of the original ten arrivals, arriving at Laranjeiras just in time for K.K. Slider’s debut island performance, which I was so stoked about. I was so careful to try and find a cute villager for my final, and Maggie was probably my fourth or fifth attempt. Obviously, she left recently to pastures new, and while she was cute, I already had two other normal villagers. I kinda kept forgetting about Maggie towards the end.



Octavian serves as Diva’s replacement and took three attempts to find him. He’s pretty cool, albeit grumpy as hell (he is a cranky villager after all), and he has the coolest space-themed home! I quite like him – he wasn’t my first choice octopus, but he’s great all the same. He’s also kinda cute when he runs around and sniffs the flowers.



Pashmina was Boots’ replacement, and I found her on the first attempt. She’s a sisterly villager like Diva, but she kinda wears it better and doesn’t look as snooty when she talks. She feels a lot calmer than Diva, and I think that’s down to her design, so it’s more appealing to me. However, she left just before this post went live, so…yeah.



Chief was Maggie’s replacement, and this is where things get wild. Chief was originally a campsite visitor, and I wanted him on my island there and then. However, it took a long time, but he warmed to the idea of moving – only he talked about replacing Pierce. I wanted Boots out at the time, and I really like Pierce, so it was a no-go. After Maggie left, I was so happy to find Chief again that I immediately snapped him up.



Fauna’s a little sweetheart that I had on my list of villagers that I was looking for, and after Cally left, she was the first that appeared. I know it’s a normal villager replacing another normal villager, but she’s so cute and I couldn’t turn her down at all. I didn’t realise that Fauna was worth so many Bells, but I won’t give her up easily!



I was so happy to see Coco because I really wanted her from the first time I saw her. I found her as my replacement for Pashmina, and while it is yet another normal villager, she’s so precious! I find it shocking just how many Bells people would pay for her and Fauna, not gonna lie. Not that I’m planning on selling them off.

4 thoughts on “All of my Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers

  1. Tim

    I know five different people who have Pierce on their island. It’s kind of crazy how often that this one specific character comes up.


      1. Tim

        Really? Almost everyone I know who has him can’t stand him. Except my father-in-law. He likes Pierce.


      2. thatlittlelola

        That’s a shame, I guess he’s not as popular as other eagles like Apollo. I may like Pierce so much because I had Diva as my other starting villager and nobody likes Diva.


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