Top 10 Fighting-Type Shinies

Last week, I decided to do two lists – one for Pokemon I like in general, and another for the shinies of that type that I like. We’re continuing that today, and we’re featuring the ten Fighting-type shinies that I love.

Again, this is in no particular order, but these are the ten that are top of my list.



The shiny form of Breloom is the main reason why I want Shroomish to make an appearance in Sword/Shield – as well as my attachment to it in my most recent ORAS playthrough. It’s so beautiful, reflecting autumnal colours in its design (and you’ll see more of this theme in the Grass-type shinies list later).



Toxicroak has a very vivid shiny form, and it’s so good! This one was one that I went for on my Poison-type shiny Gym team, and I’m so happy with it. I got four of the damn Croagunk shinies, and I picked out the best with Dry Skin as its Ability. But damn, I love the turquoise-blue with the purple.



Scrafty just got a little paler and decided to change out its yellow ‘attire’ for green. It just looks good to me.



Pangoro is on here just out of…is it right to call it nostalgia? I caught this shiny last year while trying to hunt for a Pancham with Scrappy. Unfortunately, the shiny Pangoro had Iron Fist, but it was a key part of grinding up my Pokemon to evolve and fill out my Home living Dex.



Falinks was one of my quickest Masuda hunts, getting the shiny after 19 hatches. I like how it resembles the traditional armour more than the original does. I think for a brown shiny, it looks good. And how can you not love Falinks?



It took a long time to actually like Lucario’s shiny, but I think it looks a lot better now in its original form than the Mega did. It’s grown on me, and I like it a lot more now, that’s for certain.



I’m not keen on shiny Hariyama, but the subtle changes to Makuhita make all the difference, in my opinion. I like the shift in its features from a grey to red, and it stands out nicely and compliments the yellow colouring of its body.



As opposed to Makuhita, I prefer Medicham’s shiny over its predecessor’s. It now looks less like a sunburnt baby, and cooler and toned-down. While it looks like it’s probably going to keel over from hypothermia, it’s a great look for Medicham.



We had so many green shinies in the early days of Pokemon, but Machamp does it right. I think it’s partly due to its resemblance to The Hulk, but it’s a good enough shift that it’s worth a spot on this list for me. It also looks really good in its Gigantamax form, I have to say.



Kommo-o looks very vibrant, and it’s something that I’m definitely living for. If this was a drink, I’d drink it. It actually looks like the packaging for Hype Sauce, which is such a tasty GFuel flavour (it’s raspberry lemonade, so you know it’s good). In general, I love the combination of yellow and hot pink – hot pink is one of my favourite colours, and on the topic of GFuel again, my shaker cup is the Pink Topaz, which is hot pink and yellow.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fighting-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    I too quite like shiny Makuhita. I’ve caught a few of them at this point in Go…still haven’t evolved any of them. I also forgot that Scrafty had such a good shiny.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I always forget about Scrafty’s shiny but that’s good because I’m pleasantly surprised every time I see it


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