I’m Not Nessing Around – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 3

Hey guys! Honestly, this Nuzlocke has helped keep me focused since I’ve been inundated with migraines at the time of playing. It’s been a lot of fun playing through this story again, though.

Meme With a Clause

After I slaughtered Milo in the Gym, I went onto Route 5 for my next encounter (after also slaughtering the camera crew on the way). I went down to the camping area and encountered an Espurr. There was only one name for him – Espurrcito – yes, this made Connor cringe when I told him.

I decided to retain the gift Toxel from the Nursery because of course, I had to. And because I had to, I named him Neo. I was aware he’d evolve into the Low Key Toxtricity, which I don’t mind – after all, Toxtricity is Toxtricity.

And the time came for Team Yell on the bridge, of which Chester took them on with ease (am I overpowered?). I got the bike from the guy as a reward, and then Hop was waiting for me on that bridge – how did this dude get past Team Yell? I beat Hop with ease.

I made it to Hulbury easily and remembered that I have a fishing encounter here. I did just that, and out came a Basculin. That was the worst of the options available to me in Hulbury, especially when it was so hard to catch in the first place. It’s got a permanent place in the box, and it’s called PainInThe because of that encounter. Urgh.

Grinding Washout

I decided to do some more raids to get some more items and EXP candy. In South Lake Miloch, I found a Baltoy that would be my encounter, and I called it Cake for literally no reason. It’s now called Cake.

Once I got my team up to a good enough level, I decided to take on Nessa. First, I had to do the puzzle, which I figured out a lot quicker than I did the first time, I’ll tell you that now. And Nessa…I had Vileplume for her, and it was very easy. I washed her out.

I know from here on out, the Gyms aren’t going to be this easy. More on that later!

Here’s Where Things Get Lit

After beating Nessa, I knew that my next stop would be back at Motostoke for Kabu’s Gym, but before that, I had to go through Galar Mine 2 and get my encounter, as well as fight Bede again.

Bede was simple, utilising Julian very well with his Hone Claws/Power Trip combination. I swept the floor with Bede, I’ll be real. I then went on to find my encounter, which ended up being a Croagunk, which I named Frosch after the character from the Fairy Tail series.

After carefully avoiding the Galarian Stunfisk as best as I could with a drifting Joy-Con, I ended up involved in a Team Yell double battle alongside Hop. Chester managed to take down these opponents with the assistance of Hop’s Wooloo, and we managed to make it to the Motostoke Outskirts.

Once at the outskirts, I realised then that I had a new encounter. That encounter was Koffing, and I was excited for this because of its potential later down the line in its Galarian form (I shiny hunted for one of these and it’s beautiful). I named him Corona, due to the Koffing name and also as a tribute to a joke that myself and my good friend Mary_Loppuny over on Twitter got ourselves into.

Once we reached Motostoke, I had to battle Marnie in the Budew Drop Inn, and that was simple enough with Chester being absolutely amazing.

Once I reached the Gym Challenge, I was able to catch an encounter for this Gym, and I allowed myself the choice between Vulpix, Sizzlipede and Litwick – I ultimately went for Litwick, as I knew Chandelure would be very useful later in the game. After struggling with my opponent, I finally managed to catch him and name him Bing, after the character from Friends, so it would be Chandelure Bing (thanks for that idea, Steve!).

I managed to rack up enough points to be able to tackle Kabu, and I’ll tell you something – once he brought out Centiskorch, he was no pushover. Even when Dynamaxed, its Max Flutterby was crippling to Pond, and I had to keep stalling before eventually knocking it out.

Final Results

Deaths: 1

Final team:

Drizzile – James Pond

Toxel – Neo

Pancham – Chester

Corvisquire – Julian

Litwick – Bing

Vileplume – Blunderbar

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