Top 10 Fighting-Types

\Hey guys! Last week, we covered the Normal-types, and today I wanted to carry on the trend of doing a top 10 list because I can. Today, we’re looking at the Fighting-type Pokemon!

This is my list:

10 – Heracross


I’m not too keen on Mega Heracross, so we’re just talking about the original. I wouldn’t use Swarm on it, and Guts is a risky play with a high reward. Even without a Mega Evolution or its Moxie Hidden Ability, Heracross deals some serious damage. I just think this thing’s really cute, plus it has a great shiny form. It’s such a shame it’s a regional exclusive in Pokemon Go (although I already had one traded to me).

9 – Kommo-o


I know I also ranked this quite low in the pseudo-legendary list, but isn’t Kommo-o cool? I definitely ranked it lower because I always forgot it’s a pseudo-legendary, but as a Pokemon, I really like it. It’s pretty cool, and its type combination of Dragon/Fighting is pretty dope (despite that 4x weakness to Fairy, which I totally took advantage of in the trials). It may be my next pseudo-legendary shiny hunt, if Goomy doesn’t get in there first, that is.

8 – Marshadow


It’s not often you’ll see a Mythical in this list, but here it is. I took on a Mewtwo Max Raid with a few others, and this little terror was the only one that was able to last two turns. I loved this Pokemon as soon as I saw the leaks for it, and I knew I had to have one. I waited in anticipation for it, and I’m not disappointed at all. I really like its Zenith mode after using its Z-Move, and that’s where you see the differences in its shiny form.

7 – Toxicroak


Toxicroak makes up part of my fun shiny Poison-themed team. I added Toxicroak due to its lovely shiny form, as well as its type combination. Naturally, I won’t leave it out against any Psychic-types, but it’s all good against Water-types with its Dry Skin Ability. It’s also based on a frog, and if you know me well enough, you’ll know that I love frogs.

6 – Machamp


I remember Machamp being the only non-Alola Pokemon that I used in my Ultra Sun playthrough. Machamp is a very decent Fighting-type to choose, and it’s really fun to use. I think it’s on this list though because of its meta-relevant role in Pokemon Go. Machamp was the one that I always gravitated towards – I must have had three or four fully maxed out Machamp, including a 100% IV. It’s now outclassed by Conkeldurr and the next entry on this list, but who cares?

5 – Lucario


Lucario, the second most popular Pokemon in the Pokemon of the Year vote, makes it fourth on this list. I remember loving using Lucario in my Diamond playthrough, same with my Y game. I haven’t really used it since, but that’s because I used other Pokemon instead, and rarely gravitate towards Fighting-types. Lucario basically became the poster-child for the then-newly introduced Mega Evolution mechanic, and it’s easy to see why it’s a fan favourite. Honestly, this is one of the fan favourites that isn’t overrated.

4 – Falinks


This video right here is one of the reasons I love Falinks so much. It’s also one of my shortest ever Masuda hunts, only taking 19 eggs to hatch. I love the concept of Falinks being a formation of six different bodies, marching in single file. Its signature move, No Retreat, has an amazing animation and is pretty darn good. I never did use Falinks in a playthrough, but you don’t have to use a Pokemon often to love it.

3 – Hawlucha


Hawlucha, most recently, got pipped to the post. I still adore Hawlucha, though. I love its origin as a luchador, and its Flying Press move dealing both Flying- and Fighting-type damage. It’s fast and hits hard, which is what you need for a Pokemon. It’s definitely going to be a future shiny hunt, I promise that.

2 – Pangoro


I remember SOS-chaining for a Pancham with Scrappy, so I could False Swipe any Ghost-types for a shiny hunt. Often, I would find a Pangoro, and eventually one turned up shiny (sadly it had Iron Fist instead of Scrappy). I used it for the task of grinding my Pokemon to evolve for my Living Dex, and he put in the greatest of work! More recently Pangoro has been the MVP of my Shield Nuzlocke playthrough. It’s what’s elevated this entry so high on the list.

1 – Breloom


I recently replayed through Omega Ruby and I chose Breloom over Nuzleaf to carry on in the playthrough, and it was 100% worth it. I really liked Breloom anyway, but having it on my team was a saving grace for me. The fact that it evolves from Shroomish quite early is pretty handy, I have to say. It was one of my three MVPs (alongside Swampert and Manectric).

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Fighting-Types

  1. Tim

    My wife is convinced that Breloom’s arms are just saggy boobs and that Breloom fights you with its tits. It’s clear she never played any gen after Gen II (aside from Go).

    I really like Marshadow. I should really do this as a post at some point in the future, though I think I’d find a way to do all of the top 10s in one post, just with less writing. Which isn’t like me at all, but I’d try it.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I don’t think I can unsee that visual of Breloom that you’ve now given me. Thanks!

      Marshadow is just so good, no contest! I decided to do a post per type because then I have content for months, and it gives me an excuse to do more writing.


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