Welcome to Laranjeira! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This was my first-ever foray into the Animal Crossing franchise, and I absolutely love it! I was watching Ace Trainer Liam, TearaStar and CafeEla play through the game on stream, and I just wanted to get the game and experience it for myself.

I’m glad I did, now I can write this post! It’s been a month since I delved into the world of Animal Crossing, and I thought I’d sum up my experiences.

Starting the Village

I already had a name in mind, so I reset around five times for orange trees! It just made sense to me. I mean, what kind of place would be literally named ‘orange tree’ yet has no oranges (looking at you, Lisbon). It was a natural choice, as my farm in Stardew Valley was named the same.

Connor decided to drop in at times (we share the Switch console). That means he gets the advances that I get without doing a lot for it, but we’ve shared goodies and he was important for one of my villagers.

I enjoy how I’ve been able to go from a tent, two villagers and a small Resident Services tent to a full-blown homely set-up all-round.

My Villagers

I now have all ten villagers, so I can talk about them! However, there are some that I want to change out (Boots), and there are some that I absolutely adore, such as Twiggy, Sydney and Ozzie. Wendy, I can take or leave. I might make a different post about each villager and how they hold up with me. My originals were Diva and Pierce, I’ll say that much!

I’m still trying to kick out Boots.

The NPC Conundrum

There’s been a lot of discussion about the ‘one island per console’ rule, but Connor has embraced that. Despite not having the story to go through, he’s been happy to go about his merry way. He just won’t touch the terraforming and paths that I’ve created, stating that I’m the one with the vision for that, and he doesn’t want to mess it up.

However, he has contributed by bringing Sydney over to the island and donating some items to the museum. Sydney’s become my favourite so I suppose I should marry this guy soon.

We share a Switch console, which is why we currently share an island. However, it would be nice in the future to be able to have another Switch so that we can visit each other and help each other out.

Shaping the Gameplay

I really like the idea of terraforming and adjusting the island once you’ve gotten used to it. I’m currently in the process of moving my villagers’ homes to one area, while also having a shopping area and gardens near the plaza. I currently have an orchard at one of the highest points of my island, as well as an area with a fountain in the middle of another highest point.

I’ve seen loads of people’s islands and what they’ve done with them. I could probably never be at that level of design or style, but I know I’ll be happy with my island when it’s done!

I also have lots of flowers that I’ll soon be rearranging in order to breed more hybrids!

Little Flaws

Every game doesn’t come without its flaws. This one just has flaws that would be better improved via quality of life updates, rather than there being anything that’s currently game-breaking. I’m talking about multiple crafting, stacked items, that sort of thing.

Maybe some of the dialogue and options could have been more streamlined, but that’s not a big deal I suppose.

I think my biggest issue comes not from the game, but from the infamous Joy Con drift. For me, it’s a huge hindrance for everything from selecting items in my inventory to hunting tarantulas. I’ve managed to make it work, but there have been times where I’ve had to stop playing because it either got too much or my thumb was hurting from having to try and force my Joy Con to stop drifting for a couple of minutes.

Overall, I feel that this is one of my favourite games to relax to. It’s so easy to get the Switch out and just play. I usually play in the morning just to check my turnip stocks, but instead I end up playing in bed for a good hour or two before I get up.

It’s the ideal pasttime for the current lockdown, and I’m glad that I have it to enjoy, or else I’d get bored.

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