Top 10 Normal-Type Shinies

Hey Pokemon trainers and obsessive shiny hunters everywhere! In conjunction with my Top 10 posts of each type, I’m going to do the exact same as on Tuesdays, but with shiny forms instead. 

I originally wanted to do a few posts about my favourite shinies, but instead, I kinda wanted to go through by each type, because there are too many to pick from. This also means that there won’t be duplicate listings – for example, if Roserade is on the Grass-type list, it won’t appear on the Poison-type list.

These are also in no particular order because I don’t feel like ranking them. This week, we’re talking about Normal-type shinies!



As much as I dislike Hoothoot, I can’t deny that it has a lovely shiny form. You’ll see this trend of me liking all of the golden shinies, and it rings true here. It just makes Hoothoot stand out a bit more for me, and it’s one that I’ll definitely be hunting for in the future (once I’m done with Animal Crossing, of course).



I think Furret is adorable anyway, and the pink on Furret is a nice touch, just to give it a little extra charm (not that it needed it). It’s a simple change from brown to pink, and there’s not a whole lot to say on the matter, except well done Furret! It looks a lot better than shiny Sentret though, I’ll admit.



So the golden shiny is becoming a theme already, and we’re not even halfway through the first list! It’d be such a shame to evolve a shiny Lickitung into Lickilicky because the shiny suits Lickitung a lot better.



I never thought a Delcatty would make any top tier lists for me until I saw its shiny. I feel that the shiny form actually accentuates its features that are more commonly missed by me, such as its tulip tail and its neck pillow. I won’t have a Delcatty on my team, but I’ll happily have one to come home to and give kitty snuggles at the end of the day.



Ditto is very simple, so this explanation is going to be simple. This is now a blue blob. It looks good.

The end.



I promise this is the last golden shiny of this list, but it fits Stufful so well, not to mention that I think it just accentuates its best features (which is the adorable face). I have fond memories of SOS-chaining for a shiny Stufful in Ultra Sun and got one relatively quickly. Shiny Bewear is still lovely as well, but Stufful has the extra charm I suppose.



Shiny Diggersby looks so much better than its original form. I just think the normal Diggersby form looks dirty, whereas this one cleans up so much. Some may say that the shiny form detracts Diggersby from its part Ground-type, but at the same time, I just feel that its shiny form is a nicer variant. I think Bunnelby may actually be a shiny hunt in the near future.



I love the inverted colour scheme (and then desaturation of red into a very light pink) on this evolution line. It’s a drastic change that doesn’t take a whole lot away from the Pokemon, and it’s such a clean shiny without any drastic contrasts, and it also doesn’t detract from its evolution line.



Wooloo is adorable, and I love that its shiny form is based on a black sheep. Its shiny form is a lot nicer than Dubwool’s and suits it so well to the point where seeing a normal Wooloo is strange. It also gave us the best shiny reaction that I’ve seen to this day (watch out, headphone users!).



I’m adding both Hoenn…ian and Galarian Zigzagoon forms here because they both have incredible shinies. Galarian’s looks very psychedelic, which I live for, and the original is orange. I’ll be honest, if the original didn’t have an orange shiny, then it would just be the Galarian form here. It’s just simple, while the Galarian is very glam-rock. Rock on!

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Normal-Type Shinies

  1. Tim

    Delcatty is one of my favorite Pokemon ever. That said, I’m not a huge fan of its shiny. Granted, I definitely want one since the shiny has been announced in Go for next month. But it’s kind of a middling shiny to me despite my love for Delcatty.


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