The Pokemon Content is Evolving – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 2

This is a lot more fun than the Soul Link, definitely.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that this playthrough is more fun with the lack of having to switch-train. But here we are already, on part 2 of our Nuzlocke! 

Let’s get into it!

Bonuses and Stuff

As I mentioned last time, I was contemplating using the gift Pokemon as tokens to acquire new ones. I did this, using the Eevee and Slowpoke gifts in order to gain new Pokemon via Route 2 and the Max Raids.

My Route 2 Pokemon ended up being Purrloin, which I named Portia, after another character from The Arcana. My Max Raid battle turned out to sadly be a Tyrogue, of which I was already sick of hatching in Go. I named him Marco.

I went around the Wild Area to where I hadn’t been before and found that I needed to get spawns in both West and East Lake Axewell. West gave me a Bunnelby, which I named Carl (after a friend’s rabbit who passed away shortly afterwards), and East gave me a very useful Pancham, which I named Chester after one of the panda villagers from Animal Crossing.

Routing Around

I headed towards Route 3 at long last. But before that, Hop decided he wanted to fight me. That was great, he was easy to steamroller.

Once I got into Route 3 proper, I caught myself a preferable Dark-type to Purrloin – a Zigzagoon, which I promptly named Bruno. I guess the theme of random nicknames were all the rage today.

Through the trainer battles and the horde of Growlithe that decided to gather around me, I ended evolving both my Gert into a Metapod and James Pond into Drizzile.

After all of that, we headed into the first of the Galar mines. My Galar Mines 1 encounter was a Rolycoly with Steam Engine, which I was more than happy with. I named her HotRocks because I had the word ‘Poprocks’ in my head, and it fit too well. Meanwhile, Julian evolved into Corvisquire, and then I was ready to face Bede.

Using the Hone Claws/Power Trip method ensured that Julian was able to sweep through Bede with relative ease. And onwards!

Surf and Turf

I reached Route 4, and this was going to be a fun route to go through. With the vast amount of Pokemon and trainers, as well as the maze I had to go through. I managed to at least get a decent encounter – Meowth! I have to say that Galarian Meowth is my favourite of the Meowths, hands down! I named him Edward, because why not?

I had to battle through a lot of trainers running around, as well as random encounters. Through it all, HotRocks evolved into Carkol and Blunderbar evolved into Gloom.

Upon entering Turffield (after the assault thanks to Wooloo), I was stopped by Hop and Yamper, as Sonia wanted to show me the hillside (which clearly has a depiction of Gigantamax Toxtricity, don’t at me). On the way, I picked up a Leaf Stone that I needed to evolve Blunderbar again into Vileplume. I knew Vileplume can learn Moonblast through the relearner, so I did just that, ready for the later Gyms.

Speaking of Gyms, I managed to wrangle the Wooloo with relative ease, and I soared through to beat Milo just using Julian.

Final Results

Deaths: 1

Final team:

Corvisquire – Julian

Pancham – Chester

Drizzile – James Pond

Vileplume – Blunderbar

Meowth – Edward

Carkol – HotRocks

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