Top 10 Normal-Types

Normal is normal, pretty much. It’s probably my least favourite type, as it’s a general basic type. But there are still some loveable Pokemon that I want to share with you today!

So I’m going to be doing a top 10 of each type, so there’s more content to come! I did make a post a while back about the favourite Pokemon of each type – however, Sword and Shield have been released since, so I wanted to update it. There are a LOT of changes.

Running alongside this, on Thursdays, will be a series of lists of my favourite shiny Pokemon from the type discussed that week. So for example, this week’s post will be about Normal-type shinies, next will be Fighting, and so on.

Here is my top 10 Normal-type Pokemon!

10 – Stoutland


Stoutland is a good boy indeed, and definitely good enough to put it on this list. It also helps that it got a nice boost in its base Attack stat from Gen 6, as well as getting moves such as Play Rough, which helps so much against the usual Fighting-types that you’d normally put against a Normal-type. It’s been shown as a Nuzlocke ruiner, that’s for certain!

9 – Porygon-Z


I love the idea of Porygon-Z being based on corrupted data, which makes sense as the Dubious Disc is used while trading (or transferring data). I think we’re definitely robbed of any of the Porygon line being shown in the anime (thanks a lot, Pikachu!). It has a great base Special Attack stat, but loses out on good STAB attacks on level-up. It’s also a unique Pokemon that is it the final evolution of a three-stage family that can be evolved twice and still be level 1 (this is due to its evolution trigger is trading holding an item both times).

8 – Obstagoon


Obstagoon is a pretty sweet evolution for the Galarian Zigzagoon line and introduced the idea of having new evolutions for different regional variants. As expected, it’s a good defensive Pokemon (although screw putting it out against Fighting-types). Obstruct is a great variant of the Protect move, making sure that direct contact will harshly lower the attacker’s Defense stat.

7 – Drampa


I hunted for this beautiful shiny last month, and I love this dragon grampa. My good friend Steve absolutely loves this thing. I’d love to make friends with this Drampa – its Ultra Sun Pokedex entry states that ‘if a child it has made friends with is bullied, Drampa will find the bully’s house and burn it to the ground.’. That’s the sort of friendship that has been missing from my life.

6 – Bidoof


Bidoof is our God Almighty! I don’t think I need to say anything more about this.

5 – Lickitung


My friend Helz cites this one as her favourite Pokemon, and along with its appearance and humourous name, I can see why. I love its shiny form too, it’s a lovely golden yellow colour! Its base Speed stat is atrocious, but I also don’t want Lickilicky in my life either, so I’ll take the ‘tung. Let’s draw attention to its German name: Schlurp.

4 – Braviary


I have to draw attention to the great American bird because it’s so majestic. I honestly think Rufflet is one of the cutest birds in Pokemon, and Braviary steps it up in majestic handsomeness. Its only issue for me is that it evolves at level 54, which is the norm for a lot of Unovan Pokemon, I’ve noticed. Its base stats are very generous, especially with its HP and Attack. Finding out that Rufflet was locked behind GBL (much like Scraggy) in Pokemon Go actually led me to quit the game.

3 – Wooloo


I wanted a Wooloo as soon as I saw it for the first time. I mean, definitely in real life, that’s for certain. The Pokemon social media uses Wooloo as a motivator, which I think is a really sweet touch. I’m not as fond of Dubwool as I am Wooloo, but we’ll let that slide. I also love shiny Wooloo, as it’s a black sheep, and it works so well for it.

2 – Girafarig


Girafarig used to be a pain for me on Pokemon Go – I had to wait for a nest to pop up before I could claim my first. At least being part-Normal-type helps get rid of one of its weaknesses in Ghost, while looking absolutely adorable. I’d love to see a fully-evolved Girafarig in the future with its tail growing a proper head, just like its beta designs.

1 – Stufful


Honestly, Stufful’s at the top for its cuteness alone. It’s got a lovely shiny, that’s for certain! It’s literally a teddy bear that I’d love to cuddle with, but it hates being hugged, which is a shame. There’s not a whole lot that I can say about Stufful except that it does have a good base Attack stat for it being in its pre-evolved form.

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