The Unfortunate Incident of the Dogs in the Daytime – Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke Part 1

That was a long title.

Earlier last week, I entered a Community Raid Hour competition to win a copy of Pokemon Shield on Ace Trainer Liam’s stream. The copies were distributed by Nintendo UK for this. I (somehow) managed to win, and therefore I own Pokemon Shield as well.

For this, I decided to do a standard Nuzlocke playthrough. Let’s see how we did!

You Go, Glen Cho-Cho!

The introductions were pretty standard, honestly – it’s a case of Hop visits, get Leon, get our starter, battle Hop and then encounter Zamazenta, all before the game fully starts. For my starter, I picked Sobble, as I’d already started with Scorbunny before, and I fancied a change. I named him the very unoriginal name of James Pond (or Pond for short, as we’ll go from now on).

I entered Route 1 proper, after my mum gave me some Pokeballs. The first thing I happen across is a Skwovet. I mean, not the best of them, but definitely the worst. As expected, I caught it and named it Cho-Cho, after the character from the Boruto series.

Onto Route 2, as there wasn’t much else after that. My prayers were answered when I came across a Rookidee, and I knew that’d be an important team member of mine, as it becomes the ever-brilliant Corviknight. I caught it, and named him Julian, after the character from The Arcana.

The story progressed from there – I beat Hop once again, became endorsed by Leon and obtained a Wishing Star, and later a Dynamax Band. It was time to set off to Motostoke! But first, the Wild Area!

Go Gert or Go Home

As I entered the Wild Area, I started in the Rolling Fields. It was sunny, and I ended up running into a Growlithe, which I was more than happy with. Its Ember was strong against Julian, so I had to make a quick switch into Pond, and then managed to catch him, and name the goodest of boys Fang, after Hagrid’s dog from the Harry Potter franchise.

Next up was the ritualistic Max Raid battle – a Caterpie. Okay, I wasn’t impressed, however, when I caught it, it was level 17 already so just needed levelling up twice to get to Butterfree. I named her Gert because I had no other good name for her.

I walked over to Dappled Grove to find a new Pokemon there. I did find an Oddish, which at first thought was amazing. However, things took a turn for the worst. The Oddish was level 14, and its Acid attack was hella strong, reducing Fang to 1HP at one point. I kept trudging on, but Fang eventually fell to another Acid. Not five minutes after getting him, I had to lay Fang to rest in the Dead Box.

I finally caught the Oddish, using Cho-Cho to set up another sacrifice. I called this Oddish Blunderbar out of pure devastation, as it’s a corruption of the German word ‘wunderbar’ and adds a whole blunder to it.

After the tour of Motostoke, I had a look around for some items and the fishing encounter, which ended up being a Chewtle. I bloody hate Chewtle, after taking so long to hunt its shiny before. Her name ended up being Doris. Then it was time for the hotel stay and the opening ceremony. I gave myself the number 849, which is Toxtricity’s number.

A Warm Welcome

Team Yell was pretty basic. The opening ceremony is nothing to write home about, really. It’s just…there.

I also obtained Slowpoke from Avery in Wedgehurst Station, and while its a gift for a token, I named her Trudie.

The Gift/Toxel Clause

I’ll address this now as to reduce confusion. The Eevee and Slowpoke I obtained earlier were gifted, and I’m counting those as tokens as to be able to capture new Pokemon from any area. The Nursery’s Toxel, on the other hand, will fall into the Toxel Clause, as it evolves into my favourite Pokemon, Toxtricity.

Final Results

Team Deaths: 1

Final Team:

Rookidee – Julian

Skwovet – Cho-Cho

Sobble – James Pond

Caterpie – Gert

Oddish – Blunderbar

Chewtle – Doris

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