Ultra Beasts Ranked

Ultra Beasts are a thing that isn’t likely to make a resurgence in future Pokemon games, but I want to draw attention to them for this week. I would have liked to have seen an Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon game based on a player character from the Ultra Worlds coming to Alola. I was heavily unimpressed with Ultra Megalopolis, as you couldn’t explore it so heavily. 

Ultra Beasts are a unique take on Pokemon, with their own distinct styles and features. They all share the same Ability, Beast Boost, and are all quite powerful in their own ways. 

So, let’s see how I rank these Ultra Beasts!

11 – Guzzlord


I have a distinct hatred for Guzzlord for one reason – I failed its shiny encounter because I soft-reset over it, over 900 soft-resets in. I finally got the shiny, but I was so disappointed in myself. I’m not a huge lover of this one anyway, so it kinda ranks bottom for me regardless.

10 – Buzzwole


This is a fucking mosquito. A very swole mosquito.


9 – Celesteela


I have no idea what this thing’s supposed to be. Is it a rocket ship? Is it a Witch from Madoka Magica? Is it actually a Steel/Flying and not a Steel/Grass Pokemon (this thing actually learns more Grass moves than Flying by level-up). It’s also a huge thing, with terrifying stats to boot – it’s basically a Pokemon that you can build in any way, but forget trying to outspeed much with its base 61 Speed stat.

8 – Stakataka


Stakataka is very slow on the uptake, with only a 13 base Speed, so it’s not going to go faster than much. However, it can definitely take a hit with its godly base Defense of 211 (even more powered up by Beast Boost if it gets to knock anything out with its equally disgusting Attack). However, a couple of Fighting or Ground moves is sure to take this out pretty easily. Its shiny is lush though!

7 – Pheromosa


This thing is almost impossible to see in the Home app, but this is probably the only cockroach I’ll take a liking to. It looks so frail (and it really is), but it’s extremely fast and hits like a truck. I’m kinda disappointed that I didn’t get Ultra Moon just to be able to hunt this shiny, though.

6 – Poipole


Poipole is the starter Pokemon for many a Pokemon trainer in the Ultra world, due it being well-liked. It has well-rounded stats. The worst thing is that you get a Poipole as a gift, but it won’t have Dragon Pulse, and it’s already past the level to evolve with that move, meaning you have to get the move relearnt in order to evolve it to Naganadel.

5 – Blacephalon


I am always amazed by Blacephalon’s design because it’s so colourful and carefree. I’m reminded by the Ultra Sun Pokedex entry that it is basically the Pokemon version of a Creeper – ‘It slithers toward people. Then, without warning, it triggers the explosion of its own head.’. I mean, its signature move Mind Blown says it all.

4 – Naganadel


I think Naganadel has a pretty cool design, combining a wyvern and wasp, which I didn’t know I wanted (and it still kinda freaks me out, considering I hate wasps more than mosquitos). However, this works, even with the black and yellow shiny form.

3 – Xurkitree


I love the concept of Xurkitree, and I find its walking animation funny when I see it in the Ultra Plant. I think this was one of the first Ultra Beasts that I shiny hunted for in Ultra Sun, and it’s a great shiny to have, too. I love that it’s based on electrical wires and a tree, so I named my shiny ‘Electricitri’. I wanted to name it properly after ‘tree’ but there wasn’t enough space.

2 – Kartana


Kartana was one of the selling points to me getting Sun if I’m honest. I love the concept of this Pokemon, and like with Guzzlord, became a very memorable shiny hunt – I’d travelled far through the Ultra Wormhole, with the intent of doing a shiny hunt for an Ultra Beast. I happened upon the Ultra Forest, and I did still need a shiny Kartana. I saved, went into the encounter, and it was shiny on the first attempt! So Kartana definitely has a special place in my cold, dead heart.

1 – Nihilego


To be quite honest, it’s the storyline from Sun/Moon that kept me interested in Nihilego. It was the first Ultra Beast that we saw in-game, and I loved the design when fused with Lusamine, and it’s definitely a new twist on what Pokemon can visibly do – you usually see Pokedex entries stating that Pokemon do certain things, but they never seem to act on them. I usually tend to find the Ultra Deep Sea the hardest one to get to though.

2 thoughts on “Ultra Beasts Ranked

  1. Tim

    I quite like Pheramosa. It was an integral part of my Dancer doubles team in Sun/Moon. I can’t wait for the entirety of that team to be available so that I can use it in Sword/Shield. I’d really like to be able to find a shiny Xurkitree, but not having the Ultra versions of the games, I don’t see that happening.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I can see if I can SR for another shiny Xurkitree in the future for you if you want? I wouldn’t mind doing that, honestly. Honestly I don’t mind if we don’t see Ultra Beasts for a while, unless we get a huge post-game where we get to visit the entirety of the Ultra worlds


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