Top 10 Baby Pokemon

It’s universally agreed that baby Pokemon are not really worth a whole lot and their stats are difficult at best to work with. I see them more as Pokedex filler, and it’s shown as we’ve only seen one baby Pokemon since the influx of Gen 4’s urge to give evolutions and pre-evolutions to existing Pokemon. There are three main criteria that make a baby Pokemon:

  • They must be obtainable by breeding.
  • They must belong to the Undiscovered Egg Group (in other words, they cannot breed themselves).
  • They must be the lowest form of an evolution line and must evolve at least once.

Some of the baby Pokemon require incense in order to be bred for – for example, Marill needs to be holding a Sea Incense in order to breed for an Azurill.

So, what are my top 10?

10. Cleffa


Cleffa’s just adorable, wouldn’t you agree? The reason why I put this baby on the list and not Igglybuff was because of Cleffa’s distinct appearance, as well as its shiny form. I really like Clefairy and Clefable, and Cleffa fits seamlessly with the rest of the family. I actually do slightly prefer the Clefairy line over the Jigglypuff line though, but only slightly.

9. Bonsly


Bonsly encapsulates everything that Sudowoodo is, but makes it that bit smaller. I like how it’s based on a bonsai tree, and it’s proof that even as a baby, it still wanted to be a tree. It does have a great Defense, even in its small form, but it’s Speed…well, we don’t often use Baby Pokemon anyway. Plus in Mandarin Chinese, its name translates to “Crybaby tree”!

8. Pichu


Pichu has to be on here, surely? It’s the baby of the mascot, Pikachu, and therefore definitely deserves some love. Its shiny form is much to be desired, though, but I’m sure this Pichu probably won’t hurt you (I mean, it has 40 Base Attack and 35 Base Special Attack).

7. Wynaut


I think Wynaut is adorable as babies go, and while it’s not necessary for Wobbuffet, it was created because…Wynaut? It’s also quite a simple evolution, only requiring a level-up to 15 to evolve. Its levelling rate is Medium Fast, so you’ll get a Wobbuffet in no time. It does have incredible HP though, with a base stat of 95.

6. Mime Jr


Before Galar, Mime Jr. was the only good thing about Mr. Mime. However, the introduction of Galarian Mr. Mime, and then Mr. Rime, changed that. Nonetheless, Mime Jr. is an adorable addition that actually has decent base Special Attack and Special Defense stats.

My only qualm with Mime Jr. is that it remains the same form in Galar, despite it evolving into its Galarian counterpart.

5. Elekid


Who doesn’t love Elekid? It’s based on the American and Japanese AC plugs (imagine a Galarian version with three prongs?), and is literally what I would refer to as a ‘smol bean’. I also love Electivire, and I can’t wait until they’re back in Sword and Shield with the expansion passes!

4. Toxel


I have to put Toxel somewhere on this list for two reasons: it evolves into my favourite Pokemon, and it also is literally the Baby Pokemon. I call it the ‘little blep baby’ because it always has its tongue out, and I don’t think it ever grows out of it with Toxtricity. It literally will throw a tantrum too, which is quite cute. However, I feel that this line needs a middle-stage evolution, as the transition from Toxel to Toxtricity is too abrupt.

3. Budew


Budew eventually evolves into one of my favourite Pokemon, Roserade. But to get there, we have Budew. I think having Poison Point as its Ability early in the game really helps, as even with its terrible physical Defense stat, it can at least get the chance to poison its targets. I had a lot of fun with Budew in Diamond, but I think Roselia was forgettable at the time. And then Roserade came and knocked everything out of the park.

2. Riolu


From the moment I hatched the egg that I got from Riley in Iron Island in Diamond, I loved Riolu, and later Lucario. While quite fragile, it already has great base Attack and Speed stats, so it’s worthwhile using it as a Fighting-type before evolving to Lucario. It already has a great move pool, including TMs.

1. Togepi


Togepi is the clear mascot for baby Pokemon, due to its prominence in the anime series. It also has that soft appearance of a baby that is endearing to the fanbase, and I don’t see a lot of people hating on it or its evolution line. I also really love Togekiss as its final evolution, so I think that helps it a lot. While I’m not too keen on its shiny form (especially since I hatched four in Pokemon GO), it’s definitely the spotlight Pokemon for babies everywhere.

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