Returning Features I’d Like to See in Pokemon Games

There have been plenty of elements and features that have been a part of Pokemon games for a period of time, and they were just removed, never to be seen again. A lot of these features we still want, I’m sure! Here are the features that I’d like to see a return to the Pokemon games.

These are intended to maximise enjoyment of the games, that’s all!

Pokemon following you

The concept of Pokemon following you was introduced specifically for HeartGold and SoulSilver, and it was a feature that the fanbase had been crying out for to make a return. It was briefly implemented in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, but did not make a return in Sword and Shield – despite the wild Pokemon being able to track your movements and able to chase you down.

Difficulty settings

We had difficulty settings in the Black2 and White2 games, where you were able to get a difficulty depending on the game, and then you could get the other difficulty setting by transfer from another player.

My suggestion would be to have a full difficulty selection at the beginning of the game, and this could be changed at any time. It’s so that the difficulty can be taken advantage of as soon as possible.

Optional EXP share

In Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee we saw the advent of the mandatory EXP share. But when Sword and Shield revealed a mandatory EXP share, of course, everyone flipped their shit (because they have to moan about something with these games or else they’re never happy).

While the mandatory EXP share didn’t matter to me, I ended up under-levelled in the battle against Leon, I know it’s a hindrance to others. I just think it should be optional so that we at least choose to have that extra difficulty – I will admit playing through Emerald makes me realise just how much of a chore training up my Pokemon is in those games.

Shiny chaining

Shiny chaining was a feature that I really enjoyed across the Gen 7 games – from SOS-chaining in Alola, to catch-chaining in Kanto. All we have in Galar is the knock-out method, which at the time of writing is currently broken – you only have a 3% chance to get 1/512 odds after 500 knock-outs of the same Pokemon. This broken method has ensured that I’ve stuck with Masuda method for shiny-hunting instead.

Bringing back chaining would be amazing, and it’d mean another, more refreshing shiny hunting method. Then perhaps I wouldn’t have had to hatch 2,248 eggs for a shiny Chewtle.

However, I don’t want to see certain Pokemon tied to chaining only. That stuff sucks.

Story-based Mythicals

Deoxys aside, we haven’t had a story-based Mythical Pokemon for a long time. Nowadays, Mythicals are distributed via Mystery Gift, so you just go up to your local game store and ask ‘Could I have a ______ code please?’ and it’s just really awkward to do. I’d love to see Mythical Pokemon intertwined into the main story, even if it’s post-game. I don’t know how they’ll work in Zarude, but I feel it’ll be a code. I suppose it’s one thing that Pokemon Go is doing right – featuring Mythical Pokemon in Special Research.

Good Y-Comm

Unfortunately, there were issues with the Y-Comm implemented in Sword and Shield, and obviously, it wasn’t the Player Search System that we wanted back. It’s lucky to get into random Max Raids, and it’s clear that the communication errors plague it.

On top of that, I’d rather have a Friends list and trade with my friends from there, rather than rely on a code that could be sniped by others – this happens during streams, I’ll be real.

Obtain Opposite Legendary in Pokedex

In the Sinnoh games, you’re able to go to Celestic Town, and an elderly lady will show you a picture of the opposite Legendary (she will show you Palkia in Diamond and Dialga in Pearl). This will allow you to obtain the Pokedex entry for that Legendary.

I want this to return, and Sword and Shield had a huge missed opportunity, as you were able to see both Zacian and Zamazenta. Hop could have offered a touch-trade so that you could enter his caught Legendary in the Pokedex, and then return it so you still have your version exclusive. He could have even commented on the nickname you gave it. I mean, if he’s going to research Pokemon, he’d want both Legendaries in his Pokedex, after all.

A Whole New Region…

Well, not exactly. I’d like to see a past region come into a post-game, as long as it connects to the region canonically. We had this with Johto and Kanto, and we were expecting a Kalos-based post-game after Galar. However, we are getting new areas in Galar in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra expansion passes, and we had the Sevii Islands in the FireRed and LeafGreen post-game.


Like in Super Training and Pokemon Amie back in the day, I’d like to see mini-games to further increase our Friendship with our Pokemon. It’d be fun like the Game Corner was before its removal, and it would boost your Pokemon’s stats in a way that’s enjoyable, rather than just force-feeding a Dragapult Carbos.

Not have Pokemon exclusive to breeding

I’m not talking about Baby Pokemon here. I mean, you ever find these wild evolved forms and think ‘huh, I’ve not seen the first form of that’, and turns out you have to breed to get it?

Yeah, none of that, please!

An actual evil team

Since Team Flare back in Kalos, we haven’t had a truly evil team that we had as a final bad boss. While we had Team Skull, they were just a precursor to the Aether Foundation – specifically Lusamine. Team Yell was formed by Piers to just be a rowdy fanbase for Marnie – and that’s the most wholesome thing in the game, I’m sure. Instead, we got Macro Cosmos – specifically Chairman Rose and Oleana. But I’d like to see a truly evil team ready to devastate the world again. Or steal Pokemon – keep it simple like Team Rocket, I suppose.

I’m just a little tired of seeing a corporation as the evil entity in the games.

Triple battles

While I personally haven’t taken part in competitive triple battles, I’d like to see them, now that we’re sure we can push the limits of the Switch. It’s just something I thought of that would be fun.

What would you like to see make a return to Pokemon games? I’d like to know – I’ve probably missed a few.

I purposefully missed out the National Pokedex. The attitude of the Nat Dexers made me think they don’t deserve that to return. Let them cry.

2 thoughts on “Returning Features I’d Like to See in Pokemon Games

  1. Tim

    Hold up. Black and White 2 had difficulty settings? Why isn’t this in other games. I never even realized they had them.

    As for the rest of your list, the ones I’d most want to see are:
    – Shiny chaining (SOS battles were great for this)
    – A Pokemon walking with you (Let’s Go Eevee sold me on this)
    – Mini games! (though no more beauty contests, please…those were rough)

    That said, what I most want to see is the guy from Black/White who did inverse battles to come back. Ideally this would happen as a gym. I loved that concept.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Holy crap an inverse battle Gym would be amazing! But yes, you had to complete the Black 2/White 2 games to unlock difficulty settings and which one you unlocked depended on the version

      Liked by 1 person

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