MVP Became RIP – Pokemon Emerald Soul Link Part 2

This hurt. A lot.

Team Reminder

Going into today, we had the following team:

Espeon (Asra)           – Barboach (Bolt)

Hoppip (Torgue)       – Steelix (Flexington)

Wooper (Quagmire) – Girafarig (Nightmare)

Igglybuff (Helium)    – Clefairy (Fluff)

The One Where Not A Lot Happened

After our first encounter in Petalburg Woods, we decided to implement a new rule – we initiate a grinding phase, and any deaths in that phase will not count. Kinda like when people grind up their Pokemon outside their playthrough videos. We were still sore from losing our Houndoom and Aron, but we needed to move on and grind our Pokemon. And that we did.

But once we decided to grind with consequences, I happened upon a Regirock in Route 104 that learned Explosion.

Yep. That hurt a lot.

Except I had Wooper out that has the Damp Ability. Good girl Quagmire.

Once again, we went through Petalburg Woods, took down the Team Aqua Grunt, picked up some PP Max (they were handy sells) and went all the way to Rustboro City.

New Friends – Ooh Friend!

We decided to go to Route 116 to do some extra grinding and to get ourselves an encounter. I was quite happy to find a male Duskull, and it was pretty quick to catch, and so I named him Polyphemus (shortened to Poly). Connor dipped in and encountered a female Cacturne, which he caught and named Pokey. He definitely has a way with nicknames. He engaged in a Double Battle whereas I engaged in two singles instead.

There wasn’t much of consequence until we got to Rusturf Tunnel, where I found a Misdreavus and he found a Sealeo. I was less enthusiastic about Misdreavus, as I already had Poly. However, after plenty of balls, I caught her and named her after Winifred from Hocus Pocus, one of my favourite childhood films.

How The Turntables

In between all of the catching, we had a lot of grinding up and levelling that we needed to do in order to take on Roxanne’s Gym. Due to the Torgue the Hoppip learning Poison Powder, Torgue became so useful just to whittle some damage, and I was so pleased with the work he was putting in, despite not having any STAB attacking moves. Helium laying on the Sing strategies also paid off handsomely. We even managed to form a good strategy against a trainer that switched out his Lairon and Politoed around, the latter of which activated a Perish Song before switching last-minute. We decided to grind our most recent catches up to level 10 or higher before the Gym, as we were confident in the rest of our team.

Roxanne’s Gym was…interesting. We were confident going in, and the choices that the trainers had were interesting. There was a combination of Kyogre, Typhlosion and Zapdos. By using a lot of quick thinking and strategy, we both managed to overcome these hurdles. And then we went on to Roxanne.

Oh boy.

Roxanne was easy to take out for the first two Pokemon – she brought a Bulbasaur and Skiploom, which were dealt with effectively. She brought out Vigoroth, and while Torgue wasn’t fully healed, he was (I presumed) safe, and could still do the work. In short, Vigoroth used Uproar and killed my Hoppip. This effectively meant two things – Connor lost his Steelix, and I lost my MVP. I still managed to take out Vigoroth using an admittedly under-levelled Winifred, who used Psywave consecutively, as Uproar wouldn’t affect Misdreavus.

Lightning struck in the same place twice, as when it came to Connor’s turn to face Vigoroth, the Vigoroth took down his Barboach, sadly leaving me without an Espeon. After the match was finished, we got our Boulder Badge, said a massive ‘fuck you’ to Roxanne and headed to the Pokemon Centre to bury our fallen Pokemon. Rest in peace Asra, Bolt, Torgue and Flexington. You will be missed.

We Decide to Grind

Good thing, too. Because Brendan’s Spinda learning Faint Attack to crush my Quagmire, and May’s Houndoom made work of Nightmare, that really hurt. However, because it was in a designated grinding period, those deaths didn’t count, although they were trainer battles. However, we couldn’t take any more heartbreak, and we just scurried away to Dewford Town, where we saved after that.

Connor hates Nuzlockes with a passion.

We are now even more traumatised than in the previous session.

Final Results

Pokemon Deaths: 3

The final team at Dewford Town was as follows:

Wooper (Quagmire)          – Girafarig (Nightmare)

Igglybuff (Helium)            – Clefairy (Fluff)

Duskull (Polyphemus)      – Cacturne (Pokey)

Misdreavus (Winifred)     – Sealeo (Blubber)

4 thoughts on “MVP Became RIP – Pokemon Emerald Soul Link Part 2

  1. Tim

    I forgot as I was reading you were doing a soul link instead of a standard nuzlocke and was very confused why you lost your Espeon despite it not battling. But that makes sense now. And Uproar is always such an unfortunate move to encounter when you have a low HP Pokemon out. It always seems to KO.


    1. thatlittlelola

      Uproar was disgusting, thankfully I had a Ghost-type that could deal damage to it, or else it would have been over. Soul Links are hard, I still would have an Espeon and Houndoom if I was playing solo. It’s unfortunate, I no longer have a Pokemon that can learn Cut, too. God, I hate HMs.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thatlittlelola

        My worst fear for Sword and Shield was HMs returning. I’m glad they’re gone, it actually allows me full battling potential.


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