How I’ve Been Coping With Lockdown

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I must preface that while we in the UK aren’t in total lockdown, it’s a sort-of pseudo-lockdown, of sorts. At the time of writing, we’re allowed one form of outdoors exercise per day, and only going out to get groceries. Even with the latter, only one person from a family is allowed into shops.

Honestly, I’ve been coping a little strangely. I’d normally make a point to go outside once per day to go on a walk, or go and grab shopping. Sometimes I’d get on a bus to go into town and run errands, other times I would have appointments. So this is a rambly post of sorts.

Since pseudo-lockdown occurred, I think I’ve only been out five or six times since. This isn’t a bad thing, but there’s so much pressure about having to stay at home, even when you are on your government-approved walk for the day with your cohabiting partner. However, I’ve been making the effort of going out on the walk, especially in terms of taking advantage of the lovely weather we’ve been having of late.

We’re not allowed to have family and friends over to visit, nor are we allowed to visit. It meant that I had to miss visiting my mum for our Mother’s Day, and most recently a group of us weren’t able to have a get-together like we’d planned (one of my friends had been quarantined due to getting COVID-19, and the other is in remission from breast cancer). My in-laws usually visit us, but they haven’t been able to. However, they have helped get some shopping and necessities in for us, as we don’t have a car. That’s been the extent of our time with family since all of this came out.

I have been making sure that I check in with my mum to see how she’s doing. She’s been coping, she just wants to get back to work, though.

I’ve sent Connor out to get groceries, as I don’t deal with crowds well at all. He’s also the better bargain-hunter of the two of us, so it helps. It does leave me alone to get some blogging preparation work done, and I have posts scheduled as far ahead as November. I’ve also been doing a little work on Here and There, and already came up with two new short story ideas.

I’m unemployed, and while supermarkets are crying out for temp staff, the insufferable anxiety in me is noping out of the idea even as I type it out. Instead, I’ve decided to sign up for an online class, and I’m looking into more distance learning options. I might pick up a language or two, yet.

Let’s get onto my sleeping pattern – I told my good friend Tim that I ‘I fucked my sleeping pattern so hard in the arse that it prolapsed’, and that’s the best analogy I could come up with at this point. It’s true, though – I’ve been staying up later and waking up later, just because there’s not a whole lot for me to do – although I have been working on fixing that so that I am getting out of bed relatively early in the day.

I haven’t had the motivation to try new skills out like others have, and I’d have to wait a while to get cosplay materials in that I’d want to mess around with. I have been playing Animal Crossing, though, which has helped. Like I said, I’ve also been occupied by the blog and my book, so I’ve been productive, at the very least.

I recently regained a huge passion for music. I’m not the best musician, I just love music. I’ve had this playlist for a tabletop roleplay session background music for when I’m finally able to host games. I do still need to tweak it, but a lot of it was stuff I’d listen to from several points in my life, including a lot of Finnish metal and rock, ’emo’ stuff and, y’know, Muse (because they have the best music videos). Plus no playlist like this would be complete without my favourite band, Billy Talent.

There’s my rambling post for the time being. I wonder what’ll happen next.


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