Top 10 Starter Pokemon

Hey guys! I’m milking this top 10 stuff for what it’s worth, so let’s talk about my top 10 starter Pokemon! And as a disclaimer, Pikachu and Eevee are taken into consideration from the Let’s Go games, but not the starters from any side-games such as Colosseum and Poketopia, so the likes of Espeon and Umbreon are not considered for this list.

Let’s get on with this list!

10. Squirtle


Squirtle was never my choice for a starter, as I usually chose Fire-types. But when I was playing Y, my choice of starter led me to choose Squirtle as the Kanto starter choice, which I thoroughly enjoyed using. Now if I decided to play through any Kanto game (Let’s Go aside), then I would now choose Squirtle. I mean, it’s not great against Misty’s Gym, but that’s what Oddish or Bellsprout is for!

9. Fennekin


A lot of people hate the Fennekin line purely because Delphox becomes bipedal. I don’t care for that, I really enjoyed using starting with a Fennekin through my Y playthrough, and I definitely won’t be sleeping on the whole line in general. I also chose Fennekin so that I could get Zapdos as a roaming Legendary.

8. Oshawott


Another Pokemon that people hate the final evolution line for (seriously, why do people hate Samurott?), but I love it. I love sea otters in general, and it becomes a well-rounded Pokemon in the form of Samurott. And the main reason why I’d choose Oshawott is that in terms of Unovan final evolutions, Samurott is the better of the bunch for me.

7. Torchic

255 (2)

Gotta feel so bad for this chick, it’s literally armless! But no joke, Torchic packs a…punch? Kick? That’s better. It’s absolutely adorable, and it’s a great second choice for a Hoenn starter, and it has great potential for the later game, and its Speed Boost Hidden Ability ensures that it’ll definitely outspeed Treecko in a couple of turns. Its shiny is also lovely, with its colours inverted. I remember choosing Torchic for Emerald, and I really enjoyed the game while playing through with the evolution line.

6. Sobble


I didn’t choose Sobble for my Sword playthrough, but I recognise how great Sobble is. You may not want to have it up at the front for the first two Gyms though, as it’ll get creamed by Milo, and it won’t do against Nessa. But it’s a great Special Attacker for the beginning, and it’s definitely a great choice if you want a Water starter.

5. Piplup


In the context of Diamond and Pearl, Chimchar is the best starter, as there are few Fire-types to choose from. But I still prefer Piplup overall, and Empoleon is a great choice for a final evolution. It helps that it’s such an adorable penguin, and a complete tsundere Pokemon, if its Pokedex entries are anything to go by.

4. Mudkip


So I heard you like Mudkips? I do too, hence why it’s on this list. While I started with Torchic in Emerald, for both ORAS playthroughs I chose Mudkip, and it was so much fun to use Mega Swampert despite its crippling 4x weakness to Grass. However, Mudkip was actually the first Pokemon I ever drew, inspired by the meme.

3. Scorbunny


Billy the Scorbunny became my ace in my Sword playthrough, and I was definitely drawn to it from when the starters were revealed. I’d known from then that I wanted Scorbunny on my team, and it was such a worthwhile choice for me to make. While it resulted in a limited amount of new Water-types to choose from, I don’t regret the choice that I made.

2. Popplio


Popplio is another starter that a lot of people seemed to hate upon reveal, and I definitely wasn’t one of them. But the reveal of the final evolutions made me want to have a Popplio on my team because I wasn’t too keen on Incineroar at the time and Primarina was very promising. And I chose Popplio twice in both of the Alola playthroughs, and it was so worth it.

1. Cyndaquil


I just think Cyndaquil is the starter that appeals to me the most, but the 3D models implemented in Gen 6 did the whole evolution line dirty by removing their back flames. However, I definitely still have a soft spot for Cyndaquil after using one in a Crystal Nuzlocke. Plus, it was a Community Day where I got a shiny on the first check, so there’s that.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Starter Pokemon

  1. Tim

    This is pretty much my top 10 as well, though I’d have them in a different order. Rowlet would really be the only Grass type in my top 10.


    1. thatlittlelola

      It’s probably clear from this list that I don’t really use Grass-type starters, I just don’t connect with them as much as I do Water or Fire starters


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