Disaster and Doom – Pokemon Emerald Soul Link Part 1

Hey guys! I kinda wanted to write up the current Soul Link that me and Connor are playing together on Pokemon Emerald. We came up with this idea through the lockdown, and it was mainly to stave off boredom, and also because Animal Crossing is too addictive right now. I did post a poll on Twitter about who would lose the most Pokemon. You guys have no faith in Connor whatsoever, have you?

Here goes nothing, I suppose!

The Beginning

We each started out on Route 101, choosing our Pokemon. Due to my testing the ROM beforehand, I knew that the starters were as follows:

  • Houndoom
  • Snorunt
  • Aron

I took Houndoom, while Connor picked Aron to start with. My Houndoom was named Scoobydoom, while Aron was named IronWall. Obviously, due to the luck of the randomiser, we implemented some early rules:

  • If Route 103 is failed, it can be rerolled.
  • Any deaths on Route 101 or 103 will be negated.

With the starters obtained, we had to make our way through the routes to encounter Rival (we’re both playing different genders so it’s time-consuming to type out their names all the time). I ended up beating Rival’s Snorunt with ease, Connor took a little more work against the Houndoom, but we both survived, and when we got Pokeballs, it was time for our adventure.

The Overlevelled Power Problem

Back in Route 103, we’d noticed a lot of good Pokemon that we could potentially get. Our starters were strong enough to take them down with relative ease by that point. Connor went in the grass first and found a Steelix. It took me a few attempts for the right gender before falling onto Marshtomp. However, with five Pokeballs, it didn’t stay in the ball. I decided to use my reroll rule, knock out the Marshtomp and buy more balls. However, I ended up with a Hoppip instead.

Yeah, I’m still salty. The worst thing is that I found out upon writing this is that Hoppip cannot learn a Grass-type move by level-up until level 40 – same goes for the rest of its family. And even saltier that at the time of catching, it only knew Splash. I knew this was going to be a long switch-train problem.

However, we now have a Steelix called Flexington and a Hoppip named Torgue.

The Tables Have Turned

After some decent grinding of Flexington and Torgue, we headed into Route 102 to catch our new Pokemon. I went first, and I’m glad I did because I landed an Espeon. After attempting to catch it at full health a few times, I decided to Ember it, before catching, and that finally worked, and I was glad to have another decent Pokemon on my team.

Connor went in the grass afterwards, to find a Barboach. He was disappointed, like me with my Hoppip, but at least Barboach learns a good STAB attacking move at a relatively early level. With those catches out of the way, my Espeon was named Asra, while his Barboach was named Bolt.

We fought off an Octillery afterwards from a random trainer, and oh boy, was that a drag! Neither of us had Pokemon that could do super-effective damage on this thing (remember my Hoppip was still Splashing around). Between Asra and Scoobydoom, it went pretty smoothly for what it’s worth. Connor had a little more trouble but managed to get through.

Our first scare came from a trainer that carried a Weezing. I switched into Asra just in case, and the fucking Weezing used Self Destruct. Turns out Asra beautifully tanked it, and one of my best Pokemon lived to see another day. Connor had to face it, and I recommended Steelix. Self-Destruct only took 3 HP off the Steelix.

After healing in Petalburg City, we went to visit our Dad, where Wally arrived. We went to help catch a Pokemon, which normally would be Ralts. I randomised the static encounters, so Wally ended up obtaining his own Sableye, the lucky git.

We’re Doomed

I went over to Route 104 to do some training up after the encounter with Wally. Connor went in first and caught his own Girafarig. My first encounter was an Absol with the wrong gender (very much sad), so the next eligible encounter just so happened to be a Wooper. A poor man’s Mudkip, but I’ll accept it, I suppose.

The Girafarig was named Nightmare, while my Wooper was named Quagmire. Connor decided to head back a couple of routes to do some grinding, while I stayed in Route 104 to do the same.

And that’s when it happened. Connor accidentally switched into IronWall against a Barboach, which Mud-Slapped for a one-hit KO with a crit. That meant that IronWall fell, meaning that poor Scoobydoom, my Houndoom, succumbed to the fall.

I was then desperate to grind my other Pokemon up to a good level, with Asra being the main focus of my grinding.

When we felt ready, we went into Petalburg Woods, and the catches there were underwhelming, but it was something. I got Igglybuff, while Connor claimed a Clefairy. It was quite fitting, really. So respectively, they were called Helium and Fluff.

We wrapped up there for the day, still too traumatised by the loss of our starters.

Final Results

Pokemon Deaths: 1


Espeon (Asra)   –    Barboach (Bolt)

Hoppip (Torgue)   –   Steelix (Flexington)

Wooper (Quagmire)    –   Girafarig (Nightmare)

Igglybuff (Helium)   –   Clefairy (Fluff)

2 thoughts on “Disaster and Doom – Pokemon Emerald Soul Link Part 1

    1. thatlittlelola

      I can’t wait to eventually get the Quagsire, as well as the Quick Claw, to give it that chance to attack first. The worst thing was that Connor’s Aron fell to a Barboach.

      Liked by 1 person

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