Alcremie Flavours Ranked

Happy April Fool’s, and I’m here to give some insight of a different kind! This time, we’re actually eating Pokemon.

I ran a poll on Twitter back in November asking if I should do a ranked list of Alcremie flavours. I decided to do it for April Fool’s, just for a bit of fun! I’m doing this based on what I feel the Pokemon would taste like (barbaric, I know!). It is in the lore that people eat certain Pokemon, after all.

Let’s rank them, starting from the least appetising to the most appetising (in my opinion).



The shiny reminds me of activated charcoal desserts, which were once the rage. I did have a milkshake with activated charcoal once, and I didn’t know this at the time, it was horrible the next day, especially considering I was on antidepressants at the time (basically, activated charcoal can make any medication ineffective). Plus activated charcoal in desserts doesn’t taste that good anyway.

Matcha Cream


I’ve never really tried matcha, but I have a feeling it’s something I won’t necessarily enjoy. I’d like to give it a try, though, maybe as a topping for a hot chocolate, or on top of a plain cake.

Salted Cream


I’ve seen recipes for salted cream to go on top of coffee as a cold foam, and I’m not a huge coffee person, so I think this would go well with a complimentary dessert (I don’t know which one though). I definitely wouldn’t eat it on its own.

7. Rainbow Swirl


There will be so many flavours here, it’s like the ultimate treat! However I am a fan of simpler things, so this ranks a bit lower on my personal list. I think it’ll go well with a plain vanilla dessert, though, enriching the subtle vanilla taste with an abundance of other tastes works really well.

6. Mint Cream


Sprinkle a few chocolate chips on this one and you’re good to go! I would have it as a dessert on its own or probably with plain waffles. I think mint’s a very bold flavour to begin with, so pairing it with chocolate chips and adding it to a plain dessert will just help balance out those flavours, and make it more appetising and less like you’ve eaten a tube of toothpaste.

5. Ruby Cream


This is definitely a mixture of different red fruits, whipped up as a delightful accompaniment to a Victoria sponge cake. There’s not much else I can say about it, but it’s a very vibrant colour.

4. Ruby Swirl


I feel this is a summer fruit flavour mixed in with vanilla, and I’m all for that flavour! It’s definitely a flavour to accompany an Eton Mess, and it’ll be nice to indulge in during the summer if you don’t fancy adding extra fruit to it.

3. Lemon Cream


I absolutely love the tang of lemon curd, especially in a drizzle cake! I would probably eat this on its own because the flavour can clash with others horribly. I also probably wouldn’t eat much of it, but it’s for sharing, after all!

2. Caramel Swirl


I had to add caramel high on the list because it’s a rich flavour, but not too rich. It’d be great with chocolate cake, or even a lighter dessert. I love caramel flavours, mostly because Connor tends to favour caramel and butterscotch over much else.

1. Vanilla Cream


This would go perfectly with some strawberries during Wimbledon season, for sure – if you’re unaware, the tradition is to eat strawberries and cream at Wimbledon. This combination also brings back memories of my primary school, where we’d have a Strawberry Tea Party annually, where the Year 6’s would go out and pick the strawberries at an allotment, and they’d be sold with ice cream as part of an event.

I also prefer vanilla over most flavours, because it’s so versatile.


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