Things I’ve Been Doing During Self-Isolation


Are you bored, lonely and isolated? Same! 

You’re probably well inclined into getting into some unhealthy habits while your work is from home, your gym is closed and you can’t nip down to the local Wetherspoons with your mates.

But here are the things that I’ve managed to do or get started on in the times of self-isolation.

Washing my hands

No joke, wash your hands. I made a point to when I was cooking chickens for my speciality chicken and vegetable noodle soup. I made a point to do it every time I needed to. Moisturising is key here, especially when my hands started getting dry and developing rashes (the rashes were from the cleaning supplies I used yesterday)!

Binging on Youtube videos

At the moment I’ve been enjoying watching Evan and Katelyn on Youtube, as at this point I’ve been getting ideas for craft projects and home renovation. Hermione Chantal has also been doing her DIY-ary series focusing on her Victorian home renovation, as well as thrifting and DIYs. So at the moment, I’m in that state of mind that I can be content with binging on home renovation channels.

Tidying and home work

Leading from the last point, I’ve made a point to tidy my flat! There are still things that haven’t been unpacked, and stuff that needs organising and tidying (I’m not the tidiest person in the world, I’ll admit). We still have a lot to do in the flat, including a lot of unpacking and decorating, but a lot of the latter wasn’t possible, as we need carpet installed and I don’t think we can get anyone to fit it any time soon. Instead, we did what we could.

  • I got started by cleaning the bathroom and the bedroom up a bit. I also finally found the multi-tool that Connor misplaced weeks ago and has been kicking himself over.
  • We’ve been planning out our door mechanism for our pantry door. At least even though we couldn’t risk going into a B&Q, we could always plan by looking online.
  • We’d also debated between changing bed slats and getting a new bed. We still haven’t decided yet!
  • We’ve been trying to work on some other things that we need to, such as actually getting boxes unpacked properly and sorted.

Working on the blog

Well, duh. Honestly, part-way through the self-isolation, I did feel very burned out, and I couldn’t work on my top 10 lists – I was ahead by two months though. But I did outline a lot of posts so that I will have at least one post per week until December.

Working on my projects

I already had a major project started, thanks to my short story challenges. I’d already had a second draft of one short story that was selected for my book, and I’d decided to work on the rest of the short stories in the meantime.

Playing video games

I made a point to play some games that I fancied doing for a while but never got around to. I also took advantage of the time to do some shiny hunting (as I usually do) in Pokemon Sword. I’m too poor for Animal Crossing right now, so Fallout New Vegas had to do. Animal Crossing is the game I will be buying once payday hits. I also decided to try and get back into streaming – check me out here! At this point I’ve been streaming The Sims 4, building different homes that I’ve lived in throughout my life.

Things I’ve yet to do

  • Learn a language – I’ve been wanting to get back into learning Portuguese so that when I do return for a holiday, I remember more of the language. What I’d love to do in the future is re-write my entire book project in Portuguese, if I got fluent and confident enough.
  • Actually accomplishing the stuff I need to work on from home – no explanation necessary.


2 comments on “Things I’ve Been Doing During Self-Isolation”

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of Binging With Babish, Cocktail Chemistry, and Alton Brown on YouTube. Cooking related things have been oddly calming to me. I’m still working from home at this point, so it’s just felt crazier than normal to me.


    1. Disney+ just released here in the UK so I think a Star Wars binge may be on the cards. Everything’s just odd, though, ever since our pseudo-lockdown.

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