Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon can be awesome a lot of the time. Other times, they can be…a bit naff, really. But we are drawn to Legendary Pokemon all the same, due to their relevance in the story of the Pokemon games, or they just look awesome. We’ll talk about Mythical Pokemon in another post later down the line, though. Same with Ultra Beasts, as it’s debated whether or not they are Legendary. I also won’t include Kubfu and Urshifu, as we don’t know enough about those two to warrant being considered for this list.

I do have to let you know now that next week’s post will be on April 1st. A post I announced back in November will go up in time for April Fool’s.

Here are my opinions on what are my personal favourite Legendary Pokemon. Also to note, Mythical Pokemon will have their own list in the future.

10 – Xerneas


Can we talk about how, as much as pretty Xerneas is (especially its shiny form), it’s done dirty by Geomancy (being a two-turn status move), and lack of STAB moves (only getting Moonblast by level up and Dazzling Gleam by TM)? More could have been done with this Pokemon, and it’s such a shame to see the first Fairy-type Legendary be wasted like this. At least Fairy Aura boosts its two moves, right?

9 – Tapu Koko


I really liked Tapu Koko as soon as it was announced, as I thought it looked awesome and has a great Electric/Fairy typing. It doesn’t get many Fairy-type moves, but at least it has plenty of STAB moves with its Electric typing. I would definitely use it more as an Electric-type attacker anyway.

8 – Kyurem (all forms)


Kyurem (I hate saying this but I have to) is like the Hannah Montana of Pokemon, as it gets the best of both worlds (I’m sorry), being able to be spliced with Reshiram or Zekrom, and both forms look so cool. I kinda wanted to choose one or other of the forms, but I’ll lump all of them here for now. They all deserve their share of love, they’re all good in different ways.

7 – Lugia


Lugia should have been a Water-type, ideally. But it was made a Psychic-type because that type was seen as really strong. And it was a royal pain in the butt for me in Pokemon Go. A combination of raids coming out too early and people would rather do Tyranitar raids (???) ensured I wouldn’t get my hands on one until its re-release nearly a year later. And it was worth the wait though, Hallelugia was a key player back in the day, and I still really like Lugia to this day.

6 – Giratina


We don’t like its five weaknesses, but we love its six resistances and three immunities (when in Origin Forme). While we like Altered Forme, we much prefer Origin Forme, for its switched Attack and Special Attack stats, so we can take advantage of its various physical moveset. We also love its general appearance, and we can’t forget what a lovely shiny it is.

5 – Zacian


I discussed this guy in my Galar Pokemon post, and I still stand by what I said. I don’t really care that it holds its sword in its mouth – I mean, what else is it meant to do, attach it to its head like a unicorn? I think it’s great, especially with the way that the box-art Legendaries tie into the story as genuine legends, I’m glad I went with Sword for Zacian. I don’t know if I would have placed Zamazenta this high if I’d chosen Shield.

4 – Rayquaza


I remember playing Emerald when Groudon and Kyogre were having their bitch-fit and Rayquaza came in going ‘fuck y’all’. I kinda wish we had a similar story to the ORAS games, but I’m happy with its inclusion in the Delta Episode. I love its shiny form too, it fits the Pokemon so well. Plus being able to Mega Evolve without a Mega Stone is disgusting, and no wonder it’s banned from competitive.

3 – Raikou


As I’ve mentioned previously, Raikou is based on my favourite prehistoric creature, which is the sabre-toothed tiger. It has a great appearance that appeals to me, much more than Entei and Suicune do (not that they have bad designs, I just prefer Raikou). I love Raikou’s shiny form, too. It was heartbreaking not initially getting a shiny Raikou on its release in Pokemon Go, but I got one traded later on down the line.

2 – Zapdos


I’ve talked about this Pokemon so much already, it’s literally the first Legendary I ever came across. It’s that special feeling that I got when I encountered and caught Zapdos which made it a staple in my favourites lists (and I still chose to join Team Valor instead of Instinct). Its shiny form is horrible, but we still have to give love to Zapdos, even if it is due to the nostalgia goggles.

1 – Dialga


Dialga has such a great typing from the get-go, being able to hold its own against its mortal enemy, the Fairy-type. Even Ice- and Dragon-types will also only do neutral damage to Dialga. With its Steel-type, it gains Iron Tail and Flash Cannon and considering its very impressive Attack and Special Attack stats, that’s all it really needs to send the Fairy-type packing. Let’s not forget its disgustingly good Roar of Time. Absolutely beautiful Pokemon.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

  1. Tim

    Even though I’ve never played X/Y, I feel like they have some of the best legendaries in existence. Granted, Xerneas got neutered a bit like you said. But I really like both Xerneas and Yveltal.


    1. thatlittlelola

      I feel like X/Y had some of the better quality Legendaries because Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde were the only ones (although Zygarde got even more neutered than Xerneas, a Z version would have had Zygarde play a much larger role, I feel).


      1. Tim

        I do quite like Zygarde too. I think overall Gen VI may have my favorite legendaries as a full group, even though none of them by themselves are a personal favorite.


      2. thatlittlelola

        I have a post planned way into the future for my ranked Legendary Trios, but this particular trio is one of the higher ranking, I can say that much.


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